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Let’s All Get Real – Retreat for Entrepreneurs

Saturday June 13, 2015 - Saturday June 20, 2015

About the retreat for entrepreneurs: Nowadays many (young) people are either starting or owning their own businesses – following their hearts, living their dreams. But there are times on your way, when you feel the need for guidance and/or interaction with other entrepreneurs for inspiration, a creative boost, or to learn the extra tools to face the challenges you are facing on your way.

This is the reason why the ‘Let’s All Get Real’ retreat for entrepreneurs was developed by Liz La Force. It guides (young) entrepreneurs and starters towards becoming more empowered, focused and adding authenticity to their work for better results and more fun in business. The intercultural aspect of this retreat challenges participants to go beyond culture standards, norms and ways of doing business, so you can reach for the stars…

About the retreat location: Guests will enjoy complete relaxation in the private and intimate surroundings of the chosen retreat venue, ‘Hacienda Morna’. The comfortable, luxurious villa was designed by renowned Ibiza architects Blakstad Design Consultants and features the best in traditional design along with beautifully decorated interiors and luxury furnishings. Boasting over 500m2 of stylish indoor and outdoor living space, sea views from the first floor, a large private swimming pool, intimate patios, in and outdoor dining areas for group meals, a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen and tranquil gardens with seating areas, it is the perfect retreat environment, set within lush tropical gardens with fruit trees, water features and ornamental fish ponds.

About the retreat host: Liz La Force has a background as trainer/coach in business and education. She has studied business economics, acupuncture, healing and didactic education. Her life changed significantly at the age of 24 and since then, she has been on an interesting journey inward. She has set up diverse businesses – with both success and failures, and travelled the world for her foundation the Best of U. Today, she resides in Ibiza where she is an inspiring guide for others on their chosen paths, gives healing and coaching sessions and hosts private retreats.

Since her birth she has been gifted with the ability to see, feel, know and hear information from the energy field surrounding a person, business, or object. And intuitively knows how to bring it back to its original state of balance.

Retreat dates: 13-20 June 2015 and 3-10 October 2015

Cost of this retreat for entrepreneurs:
June retreat * £1,035 / 1,350€ – Twin-sharing   £1,340/ 1,750€ – Single occupancy
October retreat * £995/ 1,295€  – Twin-sharing   £1265 / 1,650€ – Single occupancy

Included in the cost of the retreat:
* Accommodation in the luxurious Hacienda Morna hotel
* 1/2 hour yoga session every morning
* 3 hours morning workshops: empowering, healing and meditative
*  All healthy organic meals included
* Dinner out in renowned island restaurant
* Tea, coffee and lemon drinks available all day long
* One-to-one private coaching session with Liz La Force

Contact lizlaforce@kpnplanet.nl for more information or to book your place

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