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Three Kings Parade

Saturday January 5 @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Marking the end of the seasonal festivities, the passage of the Old Testaments’ three wise men, aka the three Kings, on Saturday January 05, 2019 is the last traditional, and slightly bonkers, Spanish celebration before normality is resumed on Monday.

Arriving at the port in Ibiza town as if embarking upon the island for the first time, the three Kings, and yes, it is three grown men dressed up as Kings, wave regally from a mixture of royally decorated floats riding through the streets of the city accompanied by various jesters, entertainers, and choreographed dance school competitors. Tenuously linking to the idea of the Kings bearing gifts for the baby Jesus, these Kings also carry gifts, mainly in the form of sweets that they and their many helpers throw into the crowd causing a near frenzy amongst the gathered children along the route. Definitely worth a watch.

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