Fusing Ibiza fitness retreats with luxury living

The team behind Cotton Fitness Club create a series of all-new off-season retreats to encourage living a harmonious life.

As summer melts away into the unknown and brightly-coloured blossoms begin to morph into the crispy leaves of autumn, our bodies and minds naturally reach a point in which we take stock. We look back at the past, forward to the future, and linger with a magnifying glass on the present, examining what steps we need to take now in order to reach our goals in the coming months. The key to achieving, of course, is to make realistic plans – neither punishing or harming ourselves in the process. Because real progress comes in the form of balance, an ethos vehemently practiced on every Cotton Fitness Retreat.

In fact, Cotton Fitness Retreats are the embodiment of harmony in every sense. Carrying the mantra ‘where working hard isn’t at odds with indulgence’, the aim of these four and five-day trips is to dig out the best in clients through a bespoke programme of fitness classes in the island’s most luxurious gym, relaxation, island exploration and uniquely, only the finest food and drink – denying yourself here simply isn’t an option. “Spoiling yourself doesn’t have to be a paradox,” explains founder of the Cotton empire, Christian Marstrander. “It can be an extension of enjoying life – our goal is that by the end of every Cotton Fitness Retreat you feel elated, revitalised, and reconnected with yourself.”

It’s a logical sentiment – to fully connect with the self means to fully embrace life in all its exciting, intriguing intricacies – swaying too far in the direction of strictness or indulgence just means you’re more likely to stray from the path in the long run. It makes far more sense (and is much more enjoyable!) to immerse yourself in a retreat that’s going to challenge you and help foster new, positive habits. “You’ll find no restrictions from us,” Christian says. “We promote a happy, healthy balance.

The result is a schedule that satisfies a broad range of desires and requirements. So on a typical day you might start with a relaxing, alfresco yoga class, followed by breakfast made by Cotton Beach Club’s highly-trained chefs, before being taken on a hike out into the Ibiza wilderness, exploring the most exquisite sights the island has to offer. Walking through the campo hills will work up an appetite, so afterwards there’ll be a pit-stop for a delectable lunch with stunning sea views at Cotton Beach Club, then perhaps back to the lavish villa for beauty treatments and massages before meditation, dinner and bed.

Of course, all of this comes with the quintessentially luxurious Cotton stamp. “We want our retreats to blow people’s minds,” smiles Christian. “And that means they’ve got to be the best of the best. So turn up and we’ll whisk you off to a villa – from the moment you step off the flight we take care of everything.” While pampering of this kind is undoubtedly one of the most appealing aspects of the Cotton Fitness Retreats experience, it’s also worth noting that if a more action-packed few days appeals, there’ll be plenty to keep you occupied, too – there are more high-octane activities on the agenda.

“For adventurers or people who love to push the limits, we can do things like cliff jumping,” explains Christian. “That’s all about facing your fears – if you push your own boundaries and step outside your comfort zone you’ll find it exhilarating.” In a way, this idea doesn’t just apply to the thrill seekers. It’s highly likely that anyone attending a Cotton Fitness Retreat will be surprised by how much they can achieve when they’re pushed to do something new. “It can be a life-changing kick-start,” Christian affirms.

Cotton Fitness Retreats are open to people of all ages and fitness levels, and information about upcoming retreats can be sourced if you contact the Cotton Fitness team (link below). “After a few days with us, everyone will go home feeling that they’ve been completely looked after and have experienced everything Ibiza has to offer,” says Christian. “We’re going to make sure everyone goes home seeing both the island and themselves in an entirely new light.”