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A decade of divine dining

Amante Ibiza turns ten!

The start of the 2019 summer season signifies the tenth anniversary of iconic island fine dining destination Amante Ibiza.

Time truly flies on this little Balearic island – in what seems like the blink of an eye, weeks fly into months, months merge into seasons and seasons spread into years. On that note, the start of the 2019 season also marks the ten-year anniversary of gorgeous Ibiza beach restaurant Amante Ibiza – a huge feat to achieve on an island like Ibiza, where the restaurant industry is thriving and incredibly competitive, with new and noted players entering the arena each year. A decade of divine dining has seen Amante Ibiza quietly, proudly and deservedly earn its place in the white island hall of fame – winning awards, fans, followers and hearts along the way.

Many Ibiza dwellers remember the legendary Amante Ibiza opening party as if it were just last summer – the island was abuzz with talk that internationally-renowned DJ David Piccioni was becoming a restaurateur. Those who knew him well were not surprised – between touring the globe, Piccioni would counter-balance his high-voltage working life with visits to the most tranquil spots in Ibiza, to breathe, re-boot and enjoy the finer things in life. He found his peace and regained his equilibrium in the beautiful cliff-top location where Amante Ibiza stands today, overlooking the rugged pebble beach and crystalline waters of Sol d’en Serra on the island’s east coast.

His own experiences led him to create a venue where others could experience and enjoy that exact same feeling of calmness and recalibration, and Amante Ibiza was born in 2009. The first and most obvious charm of Amante Ibiza is its unparalleled location and incredible, breath-taking vistas. This is a place that invites delicious daydreaming, blissful peace and pure relaxation against a backdrop of the very best views on Ibiza. Sweet dreams really are made of this…

To turn such a vision into a long-standing and established reality requires a true understanding of the clients who come through the doors. Piccioni and the Amante Ibiza team have achieved this by listening to its loyal clientele, constantly evolving and continually manifesting the original dream along the way. Now, ten years since its inception, Amante Ibiza is beautifully fulfilling David’s original plans. Outstandingly welcoming, with a friendly mi casa tu casa vibe and an exceptional Mediterranean menu, Amante Ibiza is Ibiza’s most beautiful rural-meets-seaside restaurant. Set in a stunning cove, the fine dining destination is perfect for anyone looking to relax in a luxurious beach setting.

Amante Ibiza’s appeal is wide and varied – absolutely everyone is welcome and given the same warm, smiling and authentic Ibiza reception on arrival. Frequented by local families, the ever-present glitterati of Ibiza and the global jet-set alike, this beautiful location has developed an aura of accessibility and good times over the past ten years – it’s known as the place where you’re welcome to while away the hours, lounging from day to night with friends, family and loved ones. Whether you are a first-time visitor or a day-one Amante Ibiza devotee, Piccioni’s original idea is that you can enjoy the space as your very own Ibiza home away from home remains firmly in place.

If Amante Ibiza is home, then the team are like family. Managers, chefs, wait staff, kitchen hands, administration and marketing teams – all return to their beloved extended summer roles year after year. On a seasonal island where work opportunities continually shift, this is a testament to Amante Ibiza’s natural charm and supportive work environment. The team share Piccioni’s family vision, and as an extension of this, they view and treat restaurant guests like members of the extended family too.

Presiding over the kitchen team is long standing island favourite, Carlos Fernandez who is executive chef of Amante Ibiza and its sister venue, Aiyanna Ibiza, at Cala Nova. Working alongside long-term chef Jordi Ribas, Fernandez’s profoundly Mediterranean menu is succinctly curated with honesty and integrity – there is no pretence here, no suggestion of fusion cuisine or flashy tricks that confuse the palate. Drawing on traditional and modern influences, flavours are gentle and perfectly timed, locally-sourced ingredients are soulful and magically combined to ensure a flavoursome finish that is pure Ibiza.

At Amante Ibiza, the day starts early, with yoga on the beach terrace, with those phenomenal views, from 8.45am to 10.30am, followed by a delicious and healthy breakfast (included in the class fee). There’s nothing quite like stretching into the great Balearic beyond and breathing in that fresh Mediterranean air in the mornings and the sessions have reached such legendary status that it’s highly advisable to pre-book your mat space. Of course, not everyone wants to start their day with exercise and that’s perfectly acceptable too – the beautiful driftwood bar overlooking the sea is the perfect place to start your day with a freshly-pressed juice or a coffee. Daybeds can also be booked for the day, with no minimum spend for lunch, dinner or snacks (a rarity in Ibiza), giving you another great excuse to settle in for the duration.

If you feel the urge to beach hop, keep it in the family and head to Aiyanna Ibiza (it’s just a short drive up the coast) for lunch, where you can sample more fresh, healthy and seasonal cuisine with a Middle Eastern influence. Later on, return to Amante Ibiza for evening drinks and dinner. On Tuesday nights, the now iconic open-air cinema takes centre stage – a screen that’s been dubbed ‘the most beautiful cinema in the world’ – and guests are invited to nestle into the luxurious oversized beanbags (with a fluffy throw blanket for when the sea breeze picks up) and take in a modern classic or cult movie beneath the stars. Another event that is booked out well in advance, the schedule is available to peruse on the Amante Ibiza website to ensure you don’t miss out.

Over the past ten years, the Amante Ibiza team has put endless effort into all components of the business – sharing a singular passion for making the vision come to life. The interior and exterior spaces of the venue are always carefully tended to, with subtle enhancements always presenting something new for returning guests to delight in. Since day one this iconic island restaurant has been all about nurturing a feeling of belonging and now, with ten years of relaxed integration under their belts, it is all too easy to feel totally at home. Happy anniversary Amante Ibiza!

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