A unique vision

Stunning fine dining destination Asal Ibiza is the result of a collaboration between industry titans.

Collaboration is key to the success of Asal Ibiza, the stunning new contemporary fine dining destination below Ibiza Gran Hotel where some of the leading names in hospitality and design have come together to create magic.

Words: Abby Lowe

Asal Ibiza, the all-new fine dining destination located beneath the prestigious Ibiza Gran Hotel, was born from a unique vision. The idea was to assemble a team of the most talented experts in their fields – starting from the ground up with architecture and design, moving through to front of house and continuing into the kitchen – and create the ultimate restaurant experience formulated purely on their prowess. The brainchild of renowned Amsterdam nightlife guru Andy Martin and partner Asal Zara, the result is a sophisticated space where service, food, and ambience share the spotlight.

“We started this project almost two years ago,” explains Asal. “We wanted to gather the best people from our network in one place. By putting them all together, knew we could create not only a restaurant, but somewhere that felt like a movie set where the guests are the movie stars. The idea was to make fine dining more fun.” Acclaimed designer David Alayeto was the first to sign up to Asal Ibiza; two-Michelin-starred chef Mario Sandoval soon followed, along with a flurry of other names all considered the best in their field.

White Ibiza Fine Dining Guide: ASAL Ibiza

Andy and Asal were living in the UK at the time but knew in their hearts that Ibiza was the perfect place for their new venture. Once that was decided, it was over to David Aleyato to lay the physical foundations. “The interior design was the first inspiration,” Asal says. “When that vision was clear, everyone came with a different interpretation for their field before we finalised the concept.” Great minds successfully gathered, what began as a kernel of an idea soon flourished into the fully formed Asal Ibiza experience. Located in the heart of Marina Botafoch, among an array of fine dining venues including La Gaia, Cipriani and Zuma, Asal Ibiza has become a must-visit for foodies, clubbers looking to start the night right, and seafarers hopping off the nearest super yacht.

David Aleyato’s Gaudí-inspired contemporary decor was the canvas on which everyone else worked from. He divided Asal Ibiza into three distinct spaces: the Chef’s Salon, an area seating around 50 covers in which diners can watch the kitchen at work; the DJ Lounge with a central DJ booth designed to ramp up the atmosphere and prime people for the night ahead; and the alfresco Garden Terrace, where a more relaxed ambience commands a slower pace for evening soirées. Each area is defined by sleek, modernist style and sensational curves but they each have their own character.

White Ibiza Fine Dining Guide: ASAL Ibiza

From here, famed chef Mario Sandoval, best-known for his restaurant Coque on the outskirts of Madrid, takes centre stage. He brings with him two Michelin Stars, three Repsols, and a dedication to illuminating the best range of Ibiza produce available. “We try to be as sustainable as possible,” says Asal. “We want to respect the island because the ingredients available here are wonderful. Yes, we have a chef with two Michelin stars but in actuality our food is simple. We use the best produce and combine it with Mario’s incredible experience and innovative techniques — that’s what elevates it to fine dining levels.” The menu at Asal Ibiza is nothing short of culinary magic, inspiring diners to return again and again.

Complementing the cuisine at Asal Ibiza is one of the island’s most impressive wine selections. Responsibility for this fell to head sommelier Zack Charilaou — one of the youngest ever experts in his field. “We try to create a journey with the wine list,” Asal explains. “Instead of only offering wines from Spain, we take guests on a trip around the world.” This has resulted in a regular wine list alongside an iconic wine list, which features some of the most sought-after bottles on the planet. Diners can choose from either of these or indulge in a wine pairing with every course. Meanwhile, head mixologist Ricardo Sporkslede takes care of the delectable cocktail list alongside a hand-picked crew of some of the best mixologists from around the globe. The menu is comprised of 12 signature cocktails, each one an exploration of flavour, skill and character.

White Ibiza Fine Dining Guide: ASAL Ibiza

Asal Ibiza is so more than just a restaurant. It’s designed to be a late night hotspot where people congregate before hitting Ibiza’s famous dance floors. Asal describes it as restaurant-meets-club. “There’s a very good sound system and we have diverse musical parties every night of the week,” she explains. So far, Pikes pioneer Dawn Hindle and Flash main man Guy Williams have signed up to take the helm on Thursday evenings, and the Saturday Soirées have proven extremely popular. “We want people to feel like they’re part of something really special,” Asal says. “Excellent music is key to that.”

As rest of the season unfolds, Asal Ibiza continues to gain momentum as one of the island’s most exciting new venues – proof that collaboration is key to its success. “We had an idea about how we wanted everyone to feel at the restaurant and then we let everybody’s brain run,” Asal concludes. “If you work with brilliant people who have amazing experience and allow an exchange of ideas to take place then everything works out. Believe in people and the stars will align.”

White Ibiza Fine Dining Guide: ASAL Ibiza