North West

A rustic and romantic side of the island that’s lesser known to tourists, the north west covers the vineyards of San Mateu, the almond groves and incredible clifftops of Santa Agnes and the rugged coastline of Cap Negret, Punta Galera and more.

Once you’ve seen the light, the sunsets and the scenery of the island’s north west, you’ll feel as thought you’ve fallen into a postcard come to life. With crystal clear and calm water, it’s also a swimmer’s dream – and lovers of wine will be happy to hear it’s the home of vineyards.

Who you’ll meet

The north west is home to an eclectic mix of artists, hippies and A-listers who’ve made homes in the secluded hills. It’s also popular with wellness experts, healers and yoga enthusiasts, who find the natural elements of the area ideal to perfect their practices.

When to visit

Not surprisingly, the north west of the island is a summer hotspot due to its picture perfect sunsets and swimming conditions. However the chilly months also put on a pretty impressive performance, with February bringing the beautiful blooms of almond blossoms.

Must see

Sunset from flat rocks – there’s nothing quite like being in the water as the sun sinks into the sea at your eye level and it’s pretty spectacular from the leveled rock formations too. It’s also a rite of passage to take the flying jump from the highest rock into the sea below… for the brave! In February, the almond blossoms of Sant Agnes are as pretty as a field full of snow when they come into bloom.

Must do

The full moon walk through the almond blossoms in February is an annual pilgrimage for many, as is the San Mateo wine festival in October, when local winemakers get together in the local school basketball court to compare the season’s latest drops – for free!

Food & drink

The Giri Cafe, Es Cucons, Shamarkanda

Where to stay

The Giri Residence, Es Cucons, Los Enamorados, Can Zama

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