Ibiza living

Abstract vision, island soul

A selection of works by Marie Su

Island creative Marie Su shares the inspiration behind a selection of artworks created during her first year of authentic, immersive island living.

In 2018, designer Marie Su – best known for her work as creative director of luxury swimwear brand Sumarie – experienced a conscious shift that crossed all areas of her life and work. After many years spent traversing the globe and working to the demands of the high end fashion industry, she felt the desire to become liberated from the expectations, boundaries and labels of others. Her connection to Ibiza had always been strong, and after the birth of her first child, she gave up city life in favour of authentic campo living – thriving off the energy of the island.

Here in Ibiza, Marie felt she had the freedom to redefine her life and work in a way that allowed her to combine her painting with her designs. The two elements flow harmoniously together through the Sumarie brand – without one, there would not be the other. Today, she describes herself not as an artist or a designer; rather, a creative person with unlimited potential. Here, she shares some of her favourite recent abstract pieces – created during her first year of being immersed in island living and culture.

Aqua, Ibiza 2018 Paper and watercolour on canvas “When I started to work with round shapes and canvases, I felt an immediate connection with universal structures and colours of the elements,” says Marie, of this striking circular, textural piece from her 2018 series ‘The Elements’. “Since I became so heavily inspired by the nature of this beautiful white island and its feminine energy, I wanted to try to capture it in movement, texture and colour, which is how this spontaneous and very free-flow piece was born.”

No need to explain, Ibiza 2018 Ink, watercolour and pigments on canvas  The first painting from her series ‘Universal Language’ is one of Marie’s personal favourite pieces from the work she created in the last year while undergoing a transformation in her first six months of life on the island. “It was so beautiful and implosive to paint this series,” she says. “It was basically like letting something else do the work for you; you just watch the show, as if someone is channelling it through you. These paintings have incredible amounts of codes, words, symbols and pure movement of vibrations.”

«любить», Ibiza 2018  Pen, watercolour and glue with pigment on canvas Translating from Russian as ‘To Love’, this piece is also from the ‘Universal Language’ series of works created in 2018 in Ibiza. The artist explains her inspiration: “To really feel and experience how you can love someone unconditionally makes a much stronger and bigger impact on your system than being loved and thinking of love as a social concept. In the first year after having my first baby, I experienced that and wanted to capture it in pure vibration through a painting. The Russian part came through there as a power system and something pure from my childhood.”

Out in Nature, Ibiza 2018 Mixed media: Pigment, gel, collage and watercolour on canvas You can almost see and feel the colours of Ibiza pulsating through this mixed media work. “Ever since I moved to Ibiza’s campo, the Mediterranean green has been really a beautiful surrounding colour, representing life and vitality to me,” explains Marie of her inspiration. “This painting is exactly that; it captures those special green tones we see here in Ibiza everyday, all year round.” Contact Marie Su directly to enquire about viewing, purchasing or commissioning her work. Email [email protected]