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Age-defying advancements

The longevity club at the forefront of age reversal techniques and treatments.

Don’t let its tranquil northern location fool you – RoseBar, the cutting-edge new longevity club housed within the luxurious Six Senses Spa Ibiza, is shaking things up when it comes to science, spirituality and longevity.

Words: Abby Lowe

Advancements in wellness are being made at astonishing rates. Thanks to scores of scientific discoveries and technological capabilities that can transform knowledge into action, these days, the process of ageing is no longer as inevitable as it once seemed. With certain techniques and treatments, it’s now possible to slow the rate of ageing, putting the focus on renewal and biological age reversal. RoseBar at Six Senses Spa Ibiza is at the forefront of this age-defying movement, putting a quiet corner of the island’s northern landscape at the epicentre of seismic change with the bold statement: ‘We believe that a year from now you can be younger.’

Based on the pillars of science, spirituality and longevity, RoseBar fits perfectly within the hallowed walls of the internationally famed Six Senses Spa Ibiza – renowned as a leader in the wellness field. Relaxation is inevitable here, from the very second you step foot into the Cala Xarraca resort. As you cross the stunning grounds and then descend a staircase that unfurls to reveal a calm, peaceful sanctuary with stunning panoramic views of the Mediterranean, previously conceived ideas about anti-ageing treatments are left at the door. A restful state naturally follows, allowing you to soak in the benefits of bespoke treatments and à la carte therapies designed to upgrade your health, lengthen your lifespan and elevate your appearance.

Pioneering RoseBar’s vital and life-changing practices at Six Senses Spa Ibiza is a team of medical and wellness experts hailing from across the globe. The onsite team is led by Medical Director Dr. Tamsin Lewis, a UK-trained specialist in neuroscience, the biology of ageing, psychiatry and sports medicine, alongside leading Energy Medicine practitioners who work on integrating physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Combined with world-beating technology and a preventative approach, the team are spearheading a shift in belief systems rooted in the dual action of scientific and spiritual methods.

There’s also a world class scientific advisory board behind the new generation of treatments, therapies and programs available at RoseBar at Six Senses Spa Ibiza, ranging from pharmaceutical experts, medical anthropologist, researchers, clinical developers, professors and much more. This is not your average spa, and these are not your average treatments. Backed by science and underpinned by the ethos that ageing does not have to be a predefined destiny, RoseBar specialises in advanced diagnostics, used to make an unrivalled analysis of every client’s rate of ageing. Uncovering prewritten codes that are buried within our genes, blood and biomarkers (unique to everyone), this deep dive assessment provides a blueprint to study, learn and analyse from.

Once your diagnostic results have been evaluated, the RoseBar team begin to implement treatments and therapies that are tailored to suit your needs. A series of Longevity Programs are available – holistic memberships dedicated to slowing the ageing process and improving health span. These include Assess & Restore – a program available in three or seven-day blocks that supports natural healing by combining biohacking therapies, IV infusions, cryotherapy, sleep programming, personal training, and energy medicine; Live better for longer, a course that’s comprised of personalised retreats and programs; and Regenerate – a year-long program that slows your pace of ageing and provides the essential tools for living optimally. Spanning from in-depth analysis and seven-day immersion programs at Six Senses Spa Ibiza to monthly coaching, treatments and therapies, this membership evolves as you do for maximum results.

Additionally, a range of Advanced Longevity Packages are available to choose from, depending on your desired outcome. The RoseBar Essential includes a comprehensive blood test, health screening, pace of ageing analysis and detailed consultation with the experienced medical team. The RoseBar Advanced DNA adds a DNA test and an additional medical consultation to that list, while the Bio-Age is designed specifically to root out how quickly you age, with detailed results and subsequent consultations given four to five weeks after analysis. The 360 Hormonal Consultation focuses on weight and metabolism, sex and sleep hormones, and blood sugar, while the Nutritional Wellbeing provides diet and lifestyle guidance to address specific concerns.

Immune boosting IV Infusion Therapies also play a major role at RoseBar at Six Senses Spa Ibiza. IVs include blends such as The Morning After – a hydrating electrolyte fusion charged with magnesium, vitamin C and Vitamin B complex designed to relieve hangover symptoms. An energy boosting detox comes courtesy of Revival, loaded with key replenishment minerals including antioxidants, vitamin C, glutathione and mitochondrial enhancers. Alternatively, there’s the soothing Restoration, bursting with vitamin B12, magnesium and amino acids to reduce anxiety and balance brain health while enhancing mood and cellular energy.

Another key thread of the RoseBar experience is biohacking, which unleashes the body’s limitless potential by hacking its natural recovery system. The Hypervolt treatment uses a percussion massage device that increases blood flow, in turn assisting mobility and flexibility, increasing circulation and reducing muscle soreness. Meanwhile, Pulsed Electricmagnetic Field Therapy helps to improve athletic performance, reduce pain and inflammation and stimulate cell performance – it’s also great for injury recovery. Compression therapy comes in the form of Normatec Boots, a set of full-length slide-on leg covers that enhance blood flow and lymphatic fluid removal. And the Venom biohack uses digitally controlled heat and vibration are used to soothe sore back muscles and relax stiff joints.

Expert Energy Medicine allows guests to release tension or past trauma and nurture the body through consultations with the team’s impressive Energy Experts, including visiting RoseBar practitioner Boniface Verney-Carro, an osteopath and acupuncturist who specialises in resetting the nervous system. The Expert Energy Medicine package promotes balance, ridding the body of energies that no longer serve it, while the Integrated Holistic Approach improves mobility and function and enhances wellbeing using osteopathy which is based on the belief that all systems of the body work together.

Away from the framework of permanent treatments available at RoseBar, special guests will also be making their mark. In November this year, facialist-to-the-stars Sarah Bradden will be hosting sessions for hotel guests and island residents to experience her transformative facials, dubbed The Bradden Method. Combining Chinese practices with modern technology, the results are both physical and emotional, often described as a spiritual reset alongside a facelift. With years of experience, Sarah uses acupuncture, LED light therapy and an innate understanding of the individual’s story and symptoms to evoke visible changes to mind and body. Rest, relax and in the process, revive — thanks to RoseBar at Six Senses Spa Ibiza, our futures look brighter than ever.

The longevity clinic at the forefront of age reversal techniques and treatments.