All I want for Christmas…


Dear Santa

I know at this time of year you’re really busy, what with organising all those elves in the factory, revamping your sleigh, getting the reindeer in shape for the big night and not to mention reading all your millions of letters and emails (you are on email right? I couldn’t seem to find you on Twitter or Facebook – well, I tried but there were a lot of imposters and I wanted to make sure I had the real Santa) from around the world, so I’ll try to keep this brief, ok?

I know some people would probably say I’m too old to be emailing you, but I live here in Ibiza and as I’ve been looking around, it seems to me that this island is full of boys (like Peter Pan) and girls (like me) who never quite grew up. That’s what I love about this island – you’re never too old for anything (though it’s true I am a little too tall to go on a few of the rides at the fun fair).

But anyway, I digress. I was hoping I haven’t left it too late to send in my Christmas wish list and I have a suggestion that might make your sleigh-load a little lighter. I mean let’s be honest here… you’re a big guy (and who can blame you, what with eating all the cake, cookies, sweets and treats every Christmas Eve… though – not that I’m judging – I have been wondering what you do with the rest of your time in the year? There are some very good detoxes and fasting retreats available in Ibiza you know) and it must be exhausting lugging that big red sack of presents around the world all night. So I was thinking… to save a few kilos of excess luggage, that I’d just ask for one thing this Christmas.

Please Santa, could you make it snow in Ibiza? If anyone can pull of that kind of magic, it’s you. In just a week the temperatures on the island have dropped from 23 degrees to just four (though it is still beautiful and sunny), so it’s not like I’m asking for something ridiculous, like snow in August. And it wouldn’t be just for me – it would be for everyone in Ibiza. I really am selfless like that at times, you know?

Just think of how amazing a White Christmas would be. We could go tobogganing down the drawbridge to Dalt Vila, we could build snowmen on the beach and we could turn the square of Plaza Del Parque into an ice skating rink! Imagine how beautiful Es Vedra and the mountains would look with snowcaps? Maybe we could even snowboard down the slopes of Sa Talaia? And what an excuse to wear some amazing winter fashion!

Thanks so much Santa… and listen, if you get time on Christmas Day, I’m going to be cooking a roast turkey (I have a foolproof method from White’s blogger Mark Watkins) and we can save you a place at the table. We’ll be drinking a lot of cava, wine and hierbas, so I suggest you park the sleigh, give the reindeer a break and stay in Ibiza overnight so you don’t drink and fly. I can get you a really good rate at Hotel Ocean Drive. Mrs Claus is more than welcome too of course!

Love Miss W xx

P.S. If you can’t make the snow happen, I do have a couple of other ideas. I really do need an iPad you know – because the 3G model would really help me with all my social networking on the go. Hmmm… and I really need an outfit to wear on New Year’s Eve – I really loved that red fur-lined Santa-meets-Red-Riding-hood cape Sienna Miller was wearing about a week ago (and just like in the picture, Jude Law to go along with it might be nice too)… perhaps you should pick one up for Mrs Claus while you’re out getting mine?

Sienna Miller red cape

Sienna Miller in red, fur-lined cape