All Saints opening: 14/05/08

While she would hate to get a reputation as someone who goes to the opening of an envelope, Miss W has to admit that getting invitations to exclusive opening parties does give her a bit of a buzz! Especially when the opening in question – today anyway – is for one of my favourite stores, All Saints, in Ibiza Town.

And I’m pleased to announce (though it may come as no surprise to some of you) that Miss W was of course, All Saints’ very first paying customer of the season, scoring herself a gorgeous – and very figure flattering – beige slip dress with loads of script printed onto it. Very Galliano-esque actually.

The store itself has undergone a bit of a revamp since last summer, and now includes a huge accessories cabinet, packed full of amazing statement jewellery pieces and über-cool sunglasses – so very Sienna Miller if you ask me! And the theme continues well into the store, loads of VERY Ibiza style printed flowy tops, skinny jeans and rock-chick t-shirts.

But down to the important stuff – shopping, socialising and champagne. It was a small and select few who’d been invited to the ‘official’ opening, which makes sense really considering the size of the store, however the super-nice All Saints crew (who really look like a team of extras out of an MTV film clip) happily welcomed any lucky pedestrian who happened to stumble upon the party with a glass of Cava and their best styling advice to boot.

If only we could shop like this every day!


THE GOOD: Fashion, fashion, fashion sweetie! That’s the White-ettes opening party weekend wardrobes sorted out then.

THE BAD: There’s only one change room in All Saints – which means a lot of waiting around if you want to try before you buy – especially if you’re in queue after Miss W, who insists on trying on each style in every colour – sorry!

THE GOSSIP: It was interesting to note a lot of the guys on hand for the opening could do with a bit of a fashion makeover – have they ever actually shopped in All Saints or were they simply there for the champagne?