Ask the Ibiza stylist: What do I wear shopping in Ibiza?

Renu Kashyap

There aren’t many people in the world who get to spend many days of their lives shopping, but Ibiza stylist and personal shopper Renu Kashyap of Styled by Renu is one of the lucky few. “Shopping is my profession,” she says. “Sure, I shop for myself, but mostly I am shopping for my clients, so I am very organised about it.” Follow Renu’s tips and tricks to make your shopping day in Ibiza a cool, Mediterranean breeze.


DO: Make sure your bag is big and comfortable enough to carry your new purchases… and of course, stylish.
DON’T: Accept all the paper and plastic bags on offer from each store – sure, we all love retail therapy, but we love our environment even more.

DO: Wear something you easily can take on and off while in the fitting rooms trying on your future purchases – a one-piece dress is much easier to manage than shorts and a top for example.
DON’T: Wear anything with a tight neckline, small buttons or a zipper at the back – this will make your experience in Ibiza’s tight changing rooms more awkward than it already is, and likely to get you all hot and flustered each time you undress.

DO: Wear a bikini underneath your clothes, especially if you’re shopping for an Ibiza outfit. Since a bikini is the number one item of clothing in your Ibiza wardrobe, it’s good to see how it will look under new dresses, kaftans and cover-ups.
DON’T: Wear any bulky jewellery, especially necklaces – taking them on and off constantly will become tedious very quickly and you also run the risk of leaving them behind on the change room hook.

DO: Take a selfie in the outfit you’re thinking about buying if you have any doubts about it… then you can decide over lunch! And remember, if you’re still thinking about it 24 hours later, it’s probably meant to be…
DON’T: Wear hats or sunglasses on your shopping mission – you’ll find them more than inconvenient as you’re popping in and out of dressing rooms.

DO: Bring a hair tie, so you have the option to check out how your new outfit will suit your face with hair up and down.
DON’T: Wear make-up (especially on a hot summer day!) – if you get any stains on the clothes you decide you didn’t like, accidental stains may mean you have to pay for them anyway.

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