Ask the Ibiza stylist: What do I wear to yoga in Ibiza?

Renu Kashyap

Ibiza stylist, personal shopper and yoga enthusiast Renu Kashyap of Styled by Renu says: “Ibiza is quite simply, yoga heaven. There are so many possibilities for things to wear on your way to and from class, not to mention your choice of practice gear. Opt for chic and timeless items that work well in and out of the studio and you get more bang for your buck!” Read Renu’s yoga dressing rules below.

DO: Get into the hippy spirit with ethnic-inspired carryalls and oversized bags that can double as beach bags to carry your change of clothes.
DON’T: Let your yoga mat get dirty and scruffy as you drag it from class to class – keep it protected in a beautifully designed leather bag that makes it easy to carry wherever you go.

DO: Opt for Mandala inspired necklaces, coloured gemstones and positive affirmation pieces to keep the good vibes flowing after class.
DON’T: Wear jewellery in class – it’s absolutely unnecessary and annoying when it gets sticky and in the way during practice.

DO: Opt for lightweight fabrics for after your class, when your body temperature is still high.
DON’T: Wear long sleeves or yoga pants out of the studio – remember, when you walk outside, it’s high summer!

DO: Embrace the Indian inspired tunic dress or pyjama pant trend – it works equally as well with a bikini after class.
DON’T: Wear bikinis in class – the fabrics and cuts are not designed for all that bering and stretching.

DO: Sport a fresh face and hair tied back off your face before and during class – no one wants to watch mascara melt down your cheeks!
DON’T: Wear perfume or heavy moisturisers in class, as they can make you (or other students) feel nauseous in the heat.


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