Ask the Ibiza stylist: What do I wear while traveling to Ibiza?

Renu Kashyap

Ibiza stylist, and personal shopper Renu Kashyap of Styled by Renu travels often to shoot advertising campaigns and magazine editorials, and loves the feeling of returning to her beloved island of Ibiza. “My heart was made for travelling,” she says. “Many of my clients are the same way, travelling from one glamorous location to another, and very often to Ibiza.” Here’s how she helps them spend their time in transit in style.

DO: Opt for good quality luggage – it really is an investment. Small details, like the way the handles pull in and out, the way the wheels manoeuvre and the design of extra pockets, panels and straps will really make a difference.
DON’T: Choose fake logo bags – the quality is never like the real thing, you won’t have a warranty and it encourages illegal counterfeiting around the world.

DO: Roll your clothes up like a towel or place paper sheets between each layer to avoid wrinkles. Sheer plastic organisers will help keep your suitcase organised.
DON’T: Pack at the last minute! Taking your time means you’ll ensure you have everything you need, and can give it the love an attention it deserves, rather than opening your suitcase to a mess on arrival.

DO: Wear cashmere, it helps keep cool when it’s warm and warm when it’s cold on a plane. A pashmina is great, because you can use it as a blanket if needed.
DON’T: Wear synthetic materials – they will only make you sweat (eek! and smell!).

DO: Stock up on travel sized versions of your favourite beauty products to save space, or simply create your own with miniature containers. Cleansing wipes are also an onboard essential.
DON’T: Forget to moisturise and drink plenty of water – your skin needs it with the air-conditioning and cabin pressure.

DO: Wear ballerina flats, as they work well with both jeans and dresses and above all, are comfortable. Simplicity is key!
DON’T: Wear strappy shoes with lots of buckles or heels on your way to the plane. It’s just unnecessary and will serve to make you tired before you arrive at your destination.

DO: Protect your iPad or laptop into a chic leather case that you can easily pull in and out of your hand luggage.
DON’T: Forget that excess baggage rules are generally enforced in Ibiza. If you can do without your technology fix for the duration of your holiday, leave the computers and gadgets at home. After all, isn’t a holiday all about disconnecting?


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