Aura opening party: 28/05/08

Well, tonight proved that the White-ettes do not turn into pumpkins at the stroke of midnight, simply change party venues! No sooner had the lights been dimmed and the music faded out at the swanky IMS opening bash, than we were bundled into our cars and heading down the road to check out the all-new and COMPLETELY revamped Aura.

To say Aura has undergone a makeover over the winter would be a major understatement – it was more like the equivalent of a teen-movie metamorphosis from the girl-next-door to a foxy minx all the boys are drooling over. Though in venue terms, it was more like casual, cosy, comfy and cool restaurant becomes sleek, chic and oh-so-sexy cocktail lounge that everyone who’s anyone will be making a major pit stop on their Ibiza calendar.

Miss W and the White-ettes were on hand to sample Aura’s new custom designed cocktails (though we didn’t get to sample any of the much talked about tapas – next time perhaps?) as we perched on the enormous day-bed style lounges, while being treated to a smooth house grooves from resident DJ Nima Gorji.

Without those enormous leather couches filling up the room, it feels like Aura has almost tripled in size, and even though the official text message said to arrive early to avoid missing out on entry, it felt like half the island were present and yet there was still plenty of space for more to arrive, even long after the clock had struck 12.

And as with previous years, Aura certainly doesn’t disappoint when it comes to doling out the good looking bar staff awards though I can’t say Miss W was looking, what with Potential Boyfriend being on hand and all – I was merely thinking of my friends! What I can say is this: Aura has officially stepped up and joined the ranks of the über-stylish cocktail lounges of Ibiza – actually, hold that though, not just Ibiza, but the world.

Wonder if they’d let me borrow one of those amazing light fittings for my apartment?


THE GOOD: The ‘mixologists’ and their amazing creations. Miss W was particularly fond of a raspberry creation in a very tall glass… must remember to return to Aura and find out the official name so I can let you know!

THE BAD: Finding a parking space! With the increase to the capacity of the venue, we’re wondering if Aura should invest in a multi-level car park to accommodate its extra guests?

THE GOSSIP: While the refurbishments are absolutely gorgeous, previous fans of Aura could be heard whispering that the venue had lost it’s cosy restaurant atmosphere – embrace the change, we say!