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Ibiza yoga blog: Have a merry (mindful) Christmas

I found this blog a while ago* and it tickled me! It talks about how to avoid over-indulging during the festive season of Diwali. And how to use your yoga as a way to stay mindful during this season of temptation, by using all the tools in your yoga belt. So if we substitute the […]

Ibiza yoga blog: The changing of the seasons

The changing of the seasons can be tough on the immune system, and colds and coughs seem to be everywhere you go! There’s nothing worse than going to an Ibiza yoga or fitness class and the person next to you is spluttering their germs all over you. So – here are a sequence of postures […]

Ibiza yoga blog: As the season ends, start a practice!

As we ease into autumn after the heat of summer, our bodies need a gentle recalibration. Chillier mornings and cooler nights mean a warming yoga practice can help boost the immune system and keep everything moving through our energy systems. Starting your yoga practice with a strong top to toe warm-up and then three rounds […]

Ibiza life coaching: Know when it’s time to retreat

Ibiza life coaching expert Larah Davis of Ibiza Retreats asks: When was the last-time you retreated from the heat? Not on an all-action holiday, itineraries plumped to the max, but to a magical place that nurtures you physically with space to stretch your legs and breath fresh air, with a pace and space that is […]

Ibiza life coaching: Life flow secrets

Do you find yourself setting high standards for yourself and others, then beating yourself up if things look or feel less than absolutely perfect? Or do things happen according to plan for you? Do you feel your breath shortening, or do you feel anxious or stressed if things move and happen out of your control?

Ibiza yoga blog: Shine bright like a diamond

The more yoga I do, the less I sometimes feel I know. It’s like my initial understanding of yoga and its benefits is constantly being challenged as I become more open and conscious in my own life. Like this morning, I was teaching a private Ibiza yoga session to a client I have had for […]

Ibiza yoga blog: Beach ready yoga

So the next Ibiza summer is looming and realisation is dawning that we need to, at some point soon, reveal the flesh which has been covered up and hidden all winter under comfort clothes and woolly layers. Never fear. Whilst I am of the belief that yoga is predominantly a breath and relaxation exercise, of […]

Ibiza life coaching: Make sickness your friend

Even within the magical white island bubble of Ibiza, we do, on occasion, get sick. Yes, even us wellness teachers, practitioners and health specialists! Perhaps the difference with us, is that we see the sickness as something that benefits us, rather than popping pills to ‘keep it at bay’ (and to stop the head-rolling-off feeling) […]

Ibiza yoga blog: Got to keep moving!

It’s a symptom of our society they say. A constant bombardment of information – phones, emails, whatsapps, instant messages and the rest. Balancing a career, a family, a social life and your health and of course beauty (on the outside and within, ahem) and the many hats we all have to don to simply exist […]