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Foodie blog: Apricot Glut

The botanical name for the apricot is prunus armeniaca. All botanical names are Latin which makes no sense in this case because it was the Greeks that  named it, erroneously thinking it came from Armenia. Which it didn’t. Everyone knows they comes from Leeds. The Romans called apricots praecocium, meaning precocious which I normally associate […]

Wedding food from outer Space

Professionalism, passion, creativity and respect for requests are key factors honoured by Ibiza private chef Mark E Watkins of La Grande Bouffe. Come hell or high water, he’ll make your Ibiza wedding menu happen – literally. Read his latest blog to find out how… and where!

Foodie blog: Sourdough – Homer’s daily bread

I have nothing against yeast. Quite the opposite, I think it is a truly remarkable fungus. It is almost alien in its ability to make things grow out of all proportion, seemingly out of nothing. So when I have been messing around with bread making, not using yeast has not been a priority. But even […]

Foodie blog: Clams

A good clam is hard to beat. And as in all things seafoody, there are many different types to choose from. And many different prices to pay. In the market you can pay up to 20€ a kilo for the same clams that sell in the next door stall for 12€, which in turn are […]

Foodie blog: Tortilla Española

Potatoes, onion, eggs, extra virgin olive oil and salt. That’s it. You can make a tortilla with all sorts of things – peppers, spinach, courgette, aubergine, tomato and chorizo and it may taste fine, but I have never made nor tasted one that really comes close to this Spanish classic.

Foodies blog: Dirty heathens

The pincho moruño is, or can be, a delicious thing. Moist, tender flesh, oiled and rubbed with spices – my favourite. Its origin is set in Andalusia and judging by the name it is a Moorish invention dating back to before the reconquest in 1492. I have done some googling and found very little background […]


I love Seville oranges. They are so hardcore, so unremittingly bitter and so apparently useless. They belong to that group of foods and drinks that make you wonder who came up with the idea of thinking them edible or drinkable. Cacti are a case in point, so are oysters. Just about all shellfish come to […]

A real pea souper

I’ve always had a problem with fresh peas. Frozen peas are almost always better – greener, tastier, more explosive. 99 percent of the fresh peas I have eaten quite simply aren’t fresh enough. Apparently when Captain Birdseye gets off his little offshore trawler and mounts his, for want of a better word, pea harvester, the […]

French tarts

Wild asparagus is nearly done for the year now. It has been a good season for it and someone might be able to tell you why. I most certainly cannot. But what I can tell you about are tarts. Asparagus tarts. Wild asparagus tarts with Italian cheeses, herbs, eggs and cream to be precise. I […]

Deep sea troupers

February is a really good time for fish in Ibiza. The market belies this, as half the stalls are closed up for holidays but the fish that is available from the ones left open is cheaper and fresher than in the summer. I had to do a tasting for some clients who wanted to try […]