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Autumnal interiors inspiration

As the seasons change, we look to some of the most stylish properties within the White Ibiza Villas collection for aesthetic inspiration.

The arrival of autumn signifies a definite change of pace here in Ibiza. We see a different type of holidaymaker spending time on the island: those who enjoy connecting with nature, gastronomy and family-style activities. By day, the weather is still warm but the beaches blissfully quiet; by night, it’s a little chilly but there are still plenty of reasons to go out.

Just as trans-seasonal fashion is hitting the boutiques, the style of our villas also transforms to cater to the needs of their trans-seasonal guests. Think warm, earthy colour palettes, rich textures, throws to snuggle up in and cosy nooks and corners in which to while away the hours. Whether you’re looking for a villa rental for your off-season adventure or simply looking for some autumnal interiors inspiration, these properties from the White Ibiza Villas collection tick all the right boxes.

In the summer months, Can Cordeta is known for its indoor meets outdoor lifestyle, but come October, the need to nest calls guests into its retro-inspired interiors where they can sink into plush, low-slung secular sofa and indulge in some holiday reading from the striking 1970s style bookcase. Rich browns and burnished woods evoke a feeling of warmth and comfort throughout – while the stunning sea views remain every bit as spectacular all year round.

Set in the heart of the campo, Villa Balafia is perfectly place to kick back and watch as the treetops turn brown as autumn sets in. Carefully placed pops of winter-esque patterns like houndstooth, herringbone, plaid, tartan and stripe perfectly complement the home’s strong wood and neutral colour palette – the simplicity of adding a statement chair or throw cushion gives an instant update without the need for any major overhaul.

WHITE Ibiza Magazine

It’s all about the styling of a drinks trolley when it comes to creating a trans-seasonal look in your home. At Villa Amber, the chic and simple wooden cart can be laden with fresh goodies during the summer season, then switched up for indulgent, strong treats as the season changes. The warm amber of a good whiskey; the dark bottles of Baileys and Kahlua and of course, glistening bottles of red wine instantly create a feeling of home and can be moved from room to room to suit your style (and mood!).

The experience of sinking into a plush leather sofa is one-of-a-kind. The soft yet sturdy fabric adjusts to your body shape as the rich scent of the fabric floats into your awareness. At Casa Gertrudis, stunning three piece Chesterfield style leather sofas are juxtaposed against raw stone walls and against modern lighting to create an effect that is at once homely, stylish and sophisticated.

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