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Awakening body paradise through evolved nutrition

Award-winning women’s health specialist Arianna Aunon offers bespoke one to one sessions – virtual and in person – that bring you home to your true self.

As if there weren’t enough challenges for the modern-day woman, the recent lockdowns and the global health crisis have brought up a lot of emotions, created additional stress and caused us to question our very reason for being. No matter what you’re dealing with – emotionally, physically or spiritually – award-winning women’s health specialist and creator of The Body Awakening Method, Arianna Aunon, can create a bespoke transformational program to help you reclaim your sovereignty, remember your true self, and live your most awakened, healthy life.

Photos: Sayana Cairo | Location: Can Sastre

There’s no denying that the challenges of 2020 – from health and economic to social and beyond – have been a major shake-up on society. Now, more than ever before, it’s important to take time for self-care and self-love, to allow yourself to be supported by others and to become conscious of the choices you make. For Arianna Aunon, an award-winning women’s health specialist and founder of The Body Awakening, the recent lockdowns and developing travel restrictions have further supported the ethos of her practices: that we must connect with our true selves in order to live a life that is aligned, grounded and happy. And that all starts with resetting your body on a cellular level.

“This is the great awakening,” she says, reflecting on the months gone by. “It’s all about revolution and resurrection – awakening people to what is really important. This includes our health and spirituality as tools to keep ourselves grounded and aligned in these times of chaos on our planet. The beauty of awakening our hearts is that we can deeply connect and have compassion for each other. It’s time for unity, for humanity to come together and drop the illusion of separation.” Her signature program, The Body Awakening Reset, has allowed her to facilitate healing spaces for women (and the occasional man!) around the world (virtually and in person), awakening the empowered, embodied, healthy person within and connecting then with their sovereignty and freedom.

Using a combination of nutrition to alkalise the body, cellular regeneration, cleansing, embodiment, mindfulness and mindset work, movement and wellbeing, energy work, quantum tools, ancient practices and so much more, The Body Awakening Reset can be uniquely tailored to suit anyone that’s ready to awaken and embody their true self, anywhere. No matter what the issues are that are getting you down – be it brain fog, hormonal issues, thyroid problems, weight gain, fatigue, digestive issues, sexual traumas, attachment to food or other unhealthy habits, communication breakdowns – Arianna dives deep to the root of the cause in order to create different protocols to heal the body at a cellular level. Depending on the client, and on the issues and desired outcomes, this could be a combination of detoxing, fasting, herbal remedies, nutritional guidance, bioresonance, mentoring, coaching, exercise and sound therapy to peel back the layers and return to your true self.

“The cellular journey allows us to come out of our heads and drop into our hearts,” says Arianna, who developed the healing method after her own personal experience with parasites, diets, hypothyroid stress, emotional eating and hormonal issues inspired her to spend many years studying plant-based healing methods and modalities, along with energy work and spirituality. She describes her own journey as a homecoming, and it is this feeling she wishes to bestow on her clients – the feeling of truly being at one with yourself, loving yourself and your body. “When you start to really embody that vibration of love and freedom, and you really come back to a peaceful, feminine space – this is like coming home,” she explains. “This journey isn’t like doing ‘just another detox’. It’s so powerful, as the body starts to shift and your cells re-calibrate and you remember who you really are. Once you’ve shifted the body on a physical level, it starts to shift emotionally, spiritually and energetically as well. This is so important in the time we’re living in now.”

Via a series of very specific questions, and honing in on her incredible intuition, Arianna determines what each client needs at a system level (via detox pathways such as the lymphatic, endocrine, digestive and nervous systems), in addition to mentally and spiritually, and then creates a completely bespoke program to achieve results. Clients can see and feel a dramatic difference in as little as seven days, and the programs generally run for a duration of eight to 12 weeks, although can be extended to six months on request. Your lifestyle – on a daily, weekly and monthly level – in addition to your history and health are taken into consideration when creating the plans. There’s no one size fits all approach to healing with Arianna.

“As we go through the cellular process, it’s so profound,” she explains. “We go right to the root, to the core of it all, and that’s where we transform. Some cells die, some renew and we have our new life opening up. It’s like a rebirth. As we shift and awaken, we become more conscious of what we feed ourselves, the environments we put ourselves in – we create our reality through our mind, which lives in every cell of your being. If the body is not in a happy place, the gut-to-brain access is going to impact your thoughts, and vice versa.” Evolved nutrition is the core of the program and Arianna works closely with each client to repair, reset and regenerate their cells, alkalising the body and letting go of old habits, traumas and emotions – this first stage is all about transitioning. From here, she delves deep into sensual embodiment, alchemy and consciousness, in order to to awaken the true self and deliver not only the physical results you may be seeking, but long-lasting emotional and spiritual gains too.

“I’d say 95% of people who come to me have tried so much already,” Arianna says, of her clients’ willingness to embrace the program and give it their all. “They just want to find the actual thing that’s going to work, that’s going to give them their freedom, connect them with their sacred femininity and true self.” Clients come to Arianna from all over the world, and are often entrepreneurs, creatives, mothers, leaders, health and medical professionals, wellness therapists and beyond. All are drawn in by Arianna’s realness, unique approach, grounded high-vibrational energy and lifestyle, and her own glowing health – she and her clients are living proof of the effectiveness and freedom that The Body Awakening Method provides – and her warmth, support and understanding.  

“It’s all about opening that sacred space for you to really let go,” she says. “I hold space so that women can feel safe to let it all out. I am always open about my own journey, which involved so much suppression, which meant my issues were pushed deeper down, and more physical symptoms came out, and emotions got too much. Speaking up and making your highest choices are important, and once we get into a flow with it, it’s surprisingly simple. It’s not always easy, because you have to go through the transition, but once you’ve surpassed the challenges, there’s no more self-sabotaging and things just come into alignment. This is no temporary fix, this is permanent liberation! There will always be ups and downs of course, but I am there for you every step of the way.”

This is true on a literal level – in addition to the weekly connection sessions Arianna holds with each client, she also offers an incredible support system. Clients are given her personal phone number and encouraged to reach out whenever they feel the need – be it through a struggle, a fear, an emotion or just uncertainty. It’s very important to Arianna that her clients know they are not going through the experience alone. “We are each other’s medicine,” she concludes. “Women, especially, are such medicine for each other. When women come together there can be such triggers on the feminine side of things that it allows us to see where we need to heal, what we need to shift, it allows us to activate within ourselves, that medicine, that energy, to really come back to a place of compassion, forgiveness, for ourselves.”

Finally, for those who have the ability to travel to Ibiza in the coming months, Arianna is hosting a special edition of The Body Awakening Retreat here in Ibiza from September 13 to 19, 2020. The retreat is like a deep immersion into the method – and can also complement your one to one program – while surrounded by the magical nature of the white isle and connecting with other like-minded women on similar journeys. “You’ll leave totally liberated,” says Arianna. “Ready for an empowered, healthy life of joy and love.”

Visit the ARIANNA AUNON website to find out more about The Body Awakening program and the many different ways you can work with Arianna.