A surfer’s delight

Cala Nova

North East, Ibiza, Spain

One of the only beaches in Ibiza that can actually lay claim to providing conditions good enough to surf, the dramatic backdrop of Cala Nova is unspoilt and rustic with a long arc of dark golden sand surrounded by rocky red cliffs and pine-clad hills. While the water is quite shallow, it does have a tendency to have quite strong rips so take care when swimming.

Who goes there?

Cala Nova is a popular beach with families, due to its expansive nature – you can enjoy plenty of space to spread out on the sand. And yes, when weather permits, Ibiza’s surfing community come out of the woodwork too!

When to go

If you’re into surfing, check the weather reports for strong northerly winds… then get going! For everyone else, Cala Nova is best in the mornings when the sun warms up the sand and sea as it rises over the east.

White Ibiza loves

The fact there is actually a beach where bodysurfing is possible. Sure, the big waves for boarders are rare, but if you love catching a wave while you’re swimming, this is the place to be.

How to get there


On the islands east coast, just past Es Canar.


Cala Nova is only accessible by car and you can follow the signs from the resort town of Es Canar. Parking is available.


From Ibiza Town: 20-minute drive.
From San Antonio: 20-minute drive.