Rustic retreat

Cala Salada

South West, Ibiza, Spain

At the foot of a pine forest, Cala Salada is a beautiful, rustic Ibiza beach that seems to have been relatively unscathed by the overdevelopment of its neighboring areas. Here, nature abounds with a small strip of sand, very few sun beds, and clean turquoise water make it a popular choice for those looking to escape the noise, hustle and bustle of San Antonio..

Who goes there?

Mature couples, Ibiza locals, young Spanish families and a fair share of holidaymakers from nearby San Antonio.

When to go

Cala Salada can get pretty busy from about lunchtime onwards in the peak months of July and August, but for the rest of the season it’s relatively un-crowded and peaceful at all hours.

White Ibiza loves

Watching the sunset from the vantage point of the rocky shoreline between Cala Salada and Cala Saladeta.

How to get there


On the island’s west coast, just past Cala Gracioneta and a short drive from San Antonio.


From San Antonio, head up on the Santa Agnes highway then turn left towards Cala Salada. Go through the gated entry and veer right, following the winding road down the hill and fork left where you will see the beach and space for parking.


From Ibiza Town: 30-minute drive.
From San Antonio: 10-minute drive.