A beach for all occasions

Es Figueral

North East, Ibiza, Spain

The gorgeous, sandy beach of Es Figueral is punctuated by rocky inlets and cliff-faces carved by wind and sea. The soft white sand and crystal clear shallow waters make it a fab choice for families, while snorkeling enthusiasts will rejoice in the nooks and crannies offshore. Watersports are also popular due to the water conditions… a beach for all occasions!

Who goes there?

Es Figueral has a little something for everyone – it offers an ample amount of water sports and activities for adventure-seekers, rocky coves for scuba divers and snorkelers, and an ideal, calm beach setting for families with small children.

When to go

Weekends and midday are the busiest hours. Head here on a weekday, before noon or after 4pm if you want to snag yourself a good spot!

White Ibiza loves

So much to do, so little time! Es Figueral is perfect for active beachgoers – try your hand at windsurfing if the weather permits, or enroll in diving school for the day and check out the wonders of the Balearic Sea up close and personal!

How to get there


North-east of Santa Eulalia


The beach is easily reachable by car or bus, with convenient parking nearby. Take the road north from San Carlos and simply follow the road signs.


From Ibiza Town: 30-minute drive.
From San Antonio: 40-minute drive.