Beats on the Beach at El Chiringuito opening: 04.06.10

In the summer in Ibiza, you tend to know the days of the week by what event or club night you’re at, rather than what date it actually is on the calendar. And it seems that from today onwards, whether you’re kicking off your weekend, winding down after your work week or in the middle of your holiday and have no concept of time anyway, people in Ibiza have an all-new way to determine that it’s Friday, when they find themselves at El Chiringuito grooving away to super cool band SomDaPraia and DJs Antz and Andy Baxter!

The new concept of Beats on the Beach, brings a new kind of entertainment to Ibiza, a fusion of live music – Brazilian style covers of dance and electronic tracks – with electronic beats and samples. Sounds complex, but in fact it’s all very ‘Balearic’, which to me, boild down to being really nice, eclectic beachy music. Don’t shoot me if I’m wrong!

After a bit of early confusion (was the band playing at 6? At 7? At 8? Nope, 9.30), the groups of familiar island faces gathered around the bar as beachgoers started packing up for the day and heading into the restaurant to check out what the fuss was all about. It’s nice to see some newcomers in the expat crowd, because after the spate of recent opening parties, I’ve got to admit I’m ready for some new conversations! (Sorry friends! But it’s just a bit of a small town syndrome here sometimes)
The full band – keyboards, drums, guitars and vocals – was set up on the deck at the back of El Chiringuito, and a makeshift dance floor quickly formed around them as they kicked into their set around 9.30pm, just as the dusk had turned to dark behind us on the beach.

DJ Antz took over from Andy Baxter (who performed in tandem with the band) as they took their bows, and just by having a gaze around the room at who was still there at midnight, there was one very obvious way this party was heading – straight up the San Juan Road to Aura, for an after-party at Dantz!

THE GOOD: Miss W loves the way the MeMeMe girls, Mitch Clark and Emma B can turn a chilled out crowd into an insta-party in the blink of an eye… or more likely, a bottle of hierbas! Given the sprawling nature of the restaurant, luring people to the dance floor for some shots and sangria was the perfect way to get an audience for the bands first song. You go girls!

THE BAD: The fact that band and DJ were interacting was pretty much lost on most of the crowd, except for those who knew what was going on. We’re sure it’s only teething problems, but next time it may be better to have the DJ booth situated directly behind or beside the band so the audience can appreciate the entire act more.

THE GOSSIP: After a recent event at El Chiringuito, where hungry partygoers ended up leaving the party because the kitchen was closed (it’s not usually open for dinner), it seems the rumbles of hungry tummies must have made it to the ears of the organisers, as tonight the kitchen remained open until midnight. And Miss W would know – she was snacking on the most AMAZING ham she had ever eaten at around 11pm, the perfect cure for those hunger pangs caused by one too many sangria de cavas on an empty stomach!