Chapter 2: Bliss and duty


The White-ettes have recently commissioned local photographer Noam Ofir to capture the true essence of a selection of Ibiza’s beautiful beaches on camera, for a new section on the website. As luck would have it, the first official task I am assigned is to research these beaches, by driving to them and taking notes of all aspects – directions, parking, do they have sunbeds, umbrellas, restaurants, lifeguards – before writing up a review of each area. It’s hard work, but somebody’s got to do it!

This really is the most amazing way for a newcomer to the island to get to know her way around and sometimes I have to pinch myself when I think of what my friends would be doing at their desks in the corporate world! Living and working in Ibiza is enlightening and absolutely stunning.

As I keep noticing, pleasure and work really are intertwined in Ibiza. After spending the day on the open roads and soft sand, I was informed that we’d be heading to Cocoon at Amnesia, as VIP guests of Raymond Bloom and Paul Sprecher, the lovely South African gents responsible for the management of Goldfish (who I mentioned previously) to chat about a potential creative collaboration between us. Obviously before you do business you get to know each other (in a nightclub!) and you start building a relationship. Great, I think, since Sven Vath is one of my DJ heroes – if this is work, it’s a win/win situation.

Dancing till dawn with the White-ettes (and even with Sven at one point!) was memorable and I did start to think I could easily become a spoiled brat if this Ibiza-princess-style treatment keeps up. It’s at this point that I’d like to share my first big Ibiza blunder (or actually Blunter as the case may be) with you. At some stage, I was introduced to a guy. I politely asked him what he did, and his response was also very polite as he explained me that he was a musician. Failing to recognise the ‘Beautiful’ singer, I kept on asking questions about his work – it was only afterwards I got told that this particular person was James Blunt! I’d like to take advantage of my new blog now: my apologies James, you rock.

With love from behind the scenes xx

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