Chapter 6: Surviving August

The White-ettes have a lot of meetings within the beautiful surrounds of Atzaro (sure beats an office!) however I must admit, it is the time spent at Atzaro spa I cherish the most. It’s the perfect place to escape from the wild, exciting, hectic side Ibiza, and the place I feel completely zen.

After a meeting with Ibiza photographer Noam Ofir – who takes photos of the beaches as I do the research and write the reviews of each one – on this particular day, we decided to take full advantage of our environment. Famous White-ette last words after many a meeting at Atzaro!

The month of August is so hectic, busy and relentless in Ibiza, you can see a lot of people really do forget to take care of themselves. I’ve learnt how to do it differently (the White-ettes are experienced at surviving August), with as much energy as possible obtained by doing a three-day detox. During this detox period, we all felt so healthy, with the energy of life floating through our bodies – and it really makes us feel even better to spend more time at Atzaro! I have been burning my candle at both ends with all the work and partying of past weeks, so it feels good to give my body a little recovery time.

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Speaking of energy, Ibiza is famous for it, and it is amazing to experience the waves in which it comes. Sometimes it’s high, sometimes it’s low – one day this week, we felt a bizarre shift in energy while visiting the Ibiza Management Office, who also felt it! I needed to do a crazy amount of writing that day too, which was quite a challenge…

On Tuesday night, the new White-ette was invited to the opening ceremony of Zenses located on the road to Sant Carlos, an event all about stimulating and challenging your senses. After being teased by Geishas with feathers and indulging in amazing organic wine and food, all the guests felt like they knew each other for years – which was great for me, given that I’m a newcomer to the scene! The perfect night to become inspired by each other’s talents and exchange contact cards. White-Escapes photographer Gypsy took many great photographs for our photo gallery.

The desirable ending to my August days. The sun is yet to come up and I love to admire the sky and stars before I go to sleep. I see the little miracles called falling stars (was it the meteor shower everyone was talking about last night?) and I feel so grateful for being able to fall in love with Ibiza. And just for a moment… I forget it is still August.

From behind the scenes with love xx