Chapter 10: Shoot me down, bang bang


When two different jobs come together as one, the new White-ette discovers all sides of both jobs. My work for White Ibiza includes writing, research, linking complementary websites to White, social media, building and maintaining client contacts. Meanwhile, back in the ‘real world’, I live two different lives: I study International Communication and Media and I work as a model.

Here in Ibiza, White is expanding her horizon and creating more of a presence in the world of fashion through editorial photo shoots. Last week, we organised a fashion shoot for our clients reVOLVER, IBZCODE and Arizona. The idea was to showcase their gorgeous autumn winter collections. Despite my modeling experience, I’ve never been involved in the organisation of such a shoot, rather, I’ve been the spoiled brat who arrives on the day and is merely transformed by the make-up and clothes.

Lesson learned: this is not as easy as it seems!
Especially when we’re talking about organizing anything in Ibiza’s relaxed culture. It is generally accepted that people arrive late, cancel or re-schedule with little notice. Models, a photographer, a make-up artist and stylist are essential for a photo shoot. The logistics were a nightmare!

Creating a concept, finding a suitable location and a date everyone is available is the toughest part. That last one is the main problem during the summer in Ibiza. Everyone is extremely busy and always on the run. Just when it all seemed to be arranged (with me filling the role of model), the re-scheduling began. SHOOT ME DOWN I was thinking… but it all worked out in the end, at the last minute in true Ibiza style.


After a stressful week, I needed a good make-up artist and Corina Smith of Smack Ibiza fit the bill perfectly, giving me a natural but glamorous look (yes, it’s possible to have both). Make-up can do a lot – like the look of having eight hours sleep! Meanwhile, our fashion photographer Maria Simon, who has a great eye for fashion and detail, was the one to shoot me – I found it incredible how she could see opportunities in every movement and the surrounding Ibiza environment.

The photographic results amazing. Behind the scenes however, it was not that glamorous at all! We were shooting at the warehouse at the far end of Las Salinas, a beautiful location, but with no place for hair, make-up or costume changes. Make-up was done outside on some stairs leading down to the boat sheds, dressing was done in and around the car and with no shade to protect me from the burning sun, I was dying to dive into the water – rather, I made do with sipping from the bottle being lugged around with the props.

Now, I’m waiting to see the finished photographs – keep your eyes peeled on our fashion and style section in the coming days to see the results for yourself!

From behind the scenes with love xx