Nominees: Best Photographer

Capturing the magic of Ibiza on camera is all in a day’s work for these talented Ibiza photographers – who do you think should be crowned the best of the bunch in the White Ibiza Best Of Ibiza Awards 2012?


And the nominees are…

Ana Lui – Weddings, editorials, portraits, advertising campaigns, reportage and properties, Ana is one of the island’s most hard-working, in-demand photographers and owner of Ana Lui Studio. Read more

Annie Peel – Talented, instinctive, trusting, sensitive, super nice, hardworking and rather amusing to boot, Annie has positioned herself as one of the most popular wedding and family portrait photographers in Ibiza. Read more

Eva Kruiper – What Eva loves about photography is that every place and every face is unique and has its own characteristics and she feels it’s her inspiration and job to reveal those interesting and special characteristics. Read more

Geoff Fenney – This born and bred London photographer relocated to Ibiza in 2009 with a passion for the island’s natural beauty, heritage and the desire to help conserve dwindling traditions and educate via imagery. Read more

Gypsy Westwood – Ibiza local snapper who has established a thriving photography career with weddings, family portraits and interior design shoots to working with villa rental and sales companies, luxury bars and restaurants. Read more

Ibiza PhotographyAnne Walker didn’t initially plan on becoming a wedding photographer when she got her first professional camera back in 2003… it was just that she turned out to be so good at it! Read more

Maria Simon – Sometimes kitsch, often tongue-in-cheek and always with an element of elegance, Berlin-born, Ibiza-based photographer Maria’s distinctive style fuses high glamour, pop culture and fast fashion. Read more

Noam Ofir – In the eyes of Israeli-born Ibiza photographer Noam Ofir, the whole world is a stage. He waits – hunts – for human interaction, spontaneous energy and fusions of space, shape and colour to come into frame.

PhrankFrank Weyrauther‘s ability to spot a great clubbing shot and an affinity with his subjects means he candidly captures the rapture of a crowded dance floor, camaraderie between dancers or the intensity of a laser light show. Read more

Sofía Gómez Fonzo – Obsessed with colour and with a passion for fashion, Sofía sees beauty everywhere, in everyday life. From Valentino to vegetables, her love of imagery knows no bounds. Read more