2016 update! Aubergine Ibiza

Visiting stylish new Ibiza restaurant Aubergine Ibiza is like stepping into a beautiful, natural world in the heart of the Ibiza countryside. A collaboration between lifelong friends, Ibiza born and bred Yolanda Torres and Victor Guasch of Atzaró, who share a passion for healthy-eating, laidback dining experiences, it is so much more than ‘just’ a restaurant. Aubergine Ibiza is an experience.

This huge yet inviting eatery is situated in a charming finca on the road from Santa Gertrudis to San Miguel, surrounded by vegetable gardens, plants, trees and beautiful blue Ibiza sky. The stylishly decorated space features the healthy, organic restaurant, a local shop featuring food goods, handmade leather items, bags and art, plus a separate all-new World Family Ibiza boutique, plus an exhibition space and kids play area, plus pets are always welcomed.