Ibiza lockdown diaries #20

Renowned Ibiza DJ Graham Sahara has a positive attitude towards building a better future in Ibiza

Ibiza lockdown diaries #19

Larah Davis of Ibiza Retreats has dubbed this period the Global Pause and encourages us to embrace it

Ibiza lockdown diaries #18

Jonjon Moon, general manager of Bambuddha, had to swiftly move from planning an opening to adapting to post-pandemic times


Ibiza lockdown diaries #17

Stylist Renu Kashyap believes everything happens for a reason and something better will come out of this situation

Ibiza lockdown diaries #15

Victoria Durrer-Gasse of La Galeria Elefante shares her lockdown experiences from her home haven

Ibiza lockdown diaries #14

Toby Clarke, founder of Walking Ibiza, has had to dramatically change his outdoor-based lifestyle for the foreseeable future.