Ibiza lockdown diaries #20

Renowned Ibiza DJ Graham Sahara has a positive attitude towards building a better future in Ibiza

Ibiza lockdown diaries #19

Larah Davis of Ibiza Retreats has dubbed this period the Global Pause and encourages us to embrace it

Ibiza lockdown diaries #18

Jonjon Moon, general manager of Bambuddha, had to swiftly move from planning an opening to adapting to post-pandemic times


Ibiza lockdown diaries #11

Caroline Foraz, owner of Pure House Ibiza, faced the COVID-19 crisis with a positive and serene state of mind

Ibiza lockdown diaries #10

Melchior Arnold, owner of Nagai and an energy worker, sees getting creative as the key to surviving lockdown

Ibiza lockdown diaries #9

Alexandra Rens, co-owner of Cinema Paradiso Ibiza, sees creative solutions for the future of her industry

Ibiza lockdown diaries #6

Tito Piazza, Owner & Executive Chef of Locals Only, shares his vision for a sustainable future