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Find peace at Atzaró Beach

Relaxed and charming Atzaró Beach is a dream for sharing lunches, memories and unforgettable beach days.

When it comes to fashion, there is a universal belief that a little black dress can relive all your woes, take away all your troubles and generally make life great again – if only you can find it. In Ibiza, the equivalent of that dress is the search for the perfect beach day. It might not be the first thing on your mind when you wake up each morning, but it’s something you always have your eye out for, just in case you spot a place with all the right measurements – somewhere that might just fit and be ‘the one’. The 2019 relaunch of Atzaró Beach at Cala Nova means that the search is finally over, and the quintessential Ibiza beach club experience has been found.

Beach days have a certain list of requirements, not unlike the little black dress. They must be special enough to feel like you’re having a treat, but still casual enough so that you can relax and let go of your cares. They are usually best if shared with friends – the stress-relieving benefits of an afternoon of gossiping cannot be underestimated – and yet, also allow space and time for solitary reflection, getting into that good book that you’ve been dying to read, indulging in fine cuisine or best of all, completely surrendering to an utterly relaxing beach siesta. All of these requirements are flawlessly covered at Atzaró Beach, along with many more.

The new look Atzaró Beach is relaxed and calming, harking back to a more natural Ibiza era, where straw chairs and hanging rattan seats take centre stage and an organic, natural colour palette sets the scene for countless Instagram moments. Striking peacock chairs evokes the feel of the bohemian 70s, when life was much simpler, far removed from the artificiality of today. In the kids’ play area, toys are wooden and solid, while in the bar, straws are plastic-free and biodegradable. The terrace is dotted with plants and straw umbrellas, and sheltered with a vast pergola of eucalyptus, creating a dappled shade where you can go to lunch and escape the rays.

Luxe daybeds face out to sea, housing piles of plump cushions and sheltered by stone-coloured parasols, offering the idyllic vista of shimmering waters amongst the terracotta-potted palms. Start your morning with a healthy green juice or smoothie, before your first swim of the day. Then lie back and luxuriate on the thick mattresses, whilst enjoying an impeccably laid-back soundtrack curated by the Atzaró Beach team. Perhaps a massage before lunch appeals, or you feel the call to browse in the boutique. After all, a beach day is not a beach day unless you find a new treasure, perhaps a new bikini from Columbian designers Entreaguas, or a locally-designed jewel-laden kaftan for covering up later. When it’s time for lunch, the choice is yours – will you move to a sofa in the shade or find a table in the cool interior? The friendly and attentive Atzaró Beach staff are happy to serve your sunbed directly of course, if the effort to move is just too much.

In keeping with the free-and-easy vibe, the fresh, new Atzaró Beach menu features plenty of sharing plates and salads that are spot-on for that mellow beach day with friends, family and loved ones. With dishes made for socialising, you can order as much or as little as you all may desire. Choose from salads such as mouth-watering watermelon and feta cheese with figs, mint and basil, pine nuts, spouts and a Modena reduction, or go for a beautiful Buddha bowl with chickpeas and broccoli, tofu, quinoa and cucumber, topped with sunflower and pumpkin seeds and scattered with raisins. In keeping with the farm-fresh ethos of all of the portfolio of the respected Atzaró Group, ingredients are organic and are sourced from their own local farm before being delivered directly to your plate.

Vegetarians are particularly well catered for at Atzaró Beach. The quinoa, beetroot and chia burger is of special pride, with avocado, goat cheese, tomato and rocket, served with fat home-made potato fries. Although fish and meat lovers will also find things to satisfy, with traditional paella, grilled sea bass and juicy lamb chops covering all bases. It’d be hard not to be tempted by the home-made pumpkin stuffed ravioli served in ricotta cheese and tomato and fresh basil sauce. But then you’d have to save some room for dessert, that chia pudding with mango and pomegranate simply won’t eat itself. And if you’re getting the pistachio coulant with white chocolate and Garrapiñados nuts… then maybe it needs two spoons?

Obviously after that lunch, it’s nap time. Any one of the inviting corners of Atzaró Beach is open to you, but your daybed also calls, with those tempting cushions and that thick mattress. As the sun fades and evening approaches the beach enters into that magical hour of mesmerising twilight where the afternoon seems simultaneously timeless and endless, and going anywhere at all is a complete impossibility. The gently lapping waves of the Mediterranean invite an easy stroll up the beach, and maybe a freshly brewed espresso or a liquor apertivo back at the bar as the heat finally retreats from the day.

With no plans for later – one should never impose a curfew on a beach day – there’s no reason not to order a jug of sangria to share at sunset. And then maybe a quick glance at the menu for something to share? From June onwards of course the restaurant is open til 10pm, and from the first of July until midnight. In the evenings the twinkling of lights transform the Atzaró Beach terrace into a Balearic boho dream. With occasional live music and DJs such as Chino Paino and Howard Hill to serenade, the beach day extends into a romantic and memorable night. Now that really does fit perfectly.