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Bringing the outdoors in

Magazin specialises creating outdoors spaces

Ibiza design emporium Magazin specialises in creating beautiful outdoor spaces.

Any avid gardener knows all about the restorative benefits of being outside and any Ibiza resident will tell you they moved here for the climate. It goes without saying then that when it comes to creating a beloved island home here in Ibiza, the outside counts just as much as the inside. Magazin is an interiors design emporium that specialises on bringing the indoors outside into the full glory of the Ibiza sun. Be it a poolside patio, a wild, rambling garden, a roof terrace or a manicured English lawn, Magazin has the range and scope to create plein air moments of natural bliss.

Owner Florian Hachfeld and his team of designers approach each project as if they are meeting a new friend. “The styles of architecture in Ibiza are as mixed as the people who live here,” Hachfeld says. “Our clients come from all over the world so the first thing I do is get to know them a little and help them figure out what kind of lifestyle they want to create.” Magazin prides itself on the epic number of styles and options available and with numerous small touches, Hachfeld and the Magazin team can add just the right decorative morsel that brings out the unique personality of the home and homeowner.

While the showroom contains an enormous selection of interior design solutions, the outdoors has been a focus of the Magazin ethos since the company’s inception in 1994. “It’s always been at the centre of our work,” explains Hachfeld. “It’s important because here in Ibiza, the weather is good all year round. People want to be comfortable outside throughout all the seasons.” Outdoor spaces in a climate like Ibiza take on many different uses – it could be anything from alfresco dining, poolside relaxation, chill out or a kids’ area. The garden in Ibiza is so much more than just an extension of the house.

The Magazin team takes the time to really listen to the needs of their clients and look for the clues they give about their lifestyle. “We had a client recently who had a charming roof terrace,” says Hachfeld. “But they didn’t want to have a lot of furniture up there to look after. We discovered that’s where they loved to have their morning coffee looking towards the sunrise. So, we designed a little space for them with just two comfortable chairs and a small table where they could rest their cups. They didn’t need a huge setting and now they tell me they are up there every morning, all year round.”

Seeing the client as a whole being with various desires and needs that change across the seasons allows the Magazin team to suggest designs and brands that fit into lifestyles and not the other way around. “We don’t believe in pushing our own style,” says Hachfeld. “For us, satisfaction comes from helping a client create a home in which they feel happiness. Sometimes that means designing the entire house and sometimes it means just finding the perfect lamp and nothing more.” It’s this kind of approach that sets Magazin apart as designers who provide options and feelings as opposed to dogma and fads.

Hachfeld and the Magazin team have built long-lasting relationships with a variety of European brands all based on quality assurance and inspired designs. Designers Guild is one of the most respected brands across the world producing quality fabrics, wall coverings and furniture since 1970. Magazin’s extensive catalogue of this venerable company’s designs is a pleasure to look at and visualise in your home. Those with a penchant towards the minimal or avant-garde might lean towards ranges from Vondom. The company’s list of iconic collections and design collaborators are too numerous to mention but among them is Adan + Koi – a series of plant holders in the shape of geometric heads, Lava by Karim Rashid – a bench of undulating and bulbous shapes, and Agatha by Spanish fashion designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. More recently, Eugeni Quillet designed Ibiza – a series of sun loungers and chairs made from recycled plastics inspired and named for his homeland.

At the opposite end of the style spectrum is Cane Line, a brand Magazin has worked with for 20 years. “I’ve seen its style evolve,” Hachfeld says of the venerable furniture company. “They really bring the comfort of the inside to the outside. A lot of their pieces could actually be used for interiors.” This Danish brand started out in wicker furniture, a style that can be seen in the contemporary weave of their outdoor armchairs. Interestingly, Hachfeld sees wicker making a come back this season as people return to a more rustic look, but with contemporary shapes. “We have a lot of pieces made from natural materials,” he says. “It’s a style that suits the Ibiza country lifestyle really well.”

Cane-line outdoor sofas are all about luxury cosiness, fabrics are soft and the shapes are curvaceous yet stylish and modern. Something Hachfeld always looks for is what is, or what is not, in the line of sight. Finding the pockets of exterior spaces that can be improved with a decorative piece is a skill honed from decades of experience. “There are so many different aspects when you’re in the garden,” he says. “Dining, lounging, terrace, porch, chill out. It’s important to think about what you are looking at while you are in each zone. There might be a beautiful tree across the lawn that will benefit from an antique bench from Indonesia – it’s a piece that will not be used necessarily but provide a moment of beauty.” Finding the places where a little bit of beauty can go is one of Magazin’s guiding philosophies, along with creating comfortable and stylish homes where clients can always find their happiness.