Cafe Mambo opening party: 22/05/08

The San Antonio I entered today was a totally different world to the San An I experienced at the Savannah opening party three weeks ago – the entire paseo (that’s the new boardwalk area) was absolutely packed! It looks like the summer has well and truly arrived, with an abundance of holidaymakers sporting their holiday finest – and just a few token sunburnt faces!

So why exactly was Miss W back on the boardwalk? Well, tonight was the long awaited re-opening of everyone’s favourite sunset bar – Café Mambo and there was no place I would rather be. It’s easy to see why this is one of the most famous sundown destinations in the world, with its gorgeous trademark mosaic décor, pretty sails above the terrace seating and of course, the opportunity to listen to the world’s most famous DJs do their thing to the stunning sunset backdrop.

Tonight, it was all smiles behind the DJ booth as special guest DJ Nic Fanciulli took to the decks to keep the huge crowd entertained after Mambo residents Andy Baxter and Alex Wolfenden set the scene for sunset – which sadly was slightly obscured by some clouds, though the crowd still managed to give it the official clap at the moment it finally sank into the sea. Lenny Ibizarre followed, with a trademark eclectic set – those in the know officially call it Balearic beats!

Of course, a destination as essential as Mambo in Ibiza is bound to attract its fair share of VIPs and Miss W spent most of the night behind the big, tough security guard with the who’s who of Ibiza. So who are the who’s who? Think representatives from Pacha, Space, The Shop, Eden, Pioneer, Icon Ibiza, Ibiza Med Yachting, Pikes Hotel, La Grand Bouffe and of course the White-ettes, who couldn’t help but think it was a little like watching the White Ibiza website come to life before our eyes!

There were television cameras left, right and centre documenting the evening too, so Miss W hopes to see herself on the small screen soon!


THE GOOD: Mmmmm, the delicious canapés served in the VIP section and the overall generosity of Mambo owner Javier – Miss W was never once short of a fresh drink!

THE BAD: The low cloud covering that averted the perfect sunset moment – lucky there’s always tomorrow.

THE GOSSIP: There were whispers surrounding the rapid weight loss of a certain DJ who returned to the island after a winter detox. Miss W thinks they were nothing more than jealous rumours as the man in question looks in great shape and 100% healthy – and we applaud him for that!