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Dolce e pane

All of Can Domingo's baked goods are prepared daily on site...

Bread has a history going back 30,000 years but surely it was the Italians who brought bread, as we know it, to the world.

Bread has a history going back 30,000 years but surely it was the Italians who brought bread, as we know it, to the world. Not the factory made, cardboard replicas that modern technology has brought us but the real deal, made by the capable hands of a Nonna using a sourdough starter that has been in the family for decades, lovingly kneaded and baked before employed to sop up delicious sauces, carry delectable toppings or eaten ravenously with a hunk of farm butter. The trusty bakers at Ibiza’s beloved Italian fine dining restaurant, Can Domingo, know all this and a whole lot more.

All of Can Domingo’s baked goods are prepared daily on site. Although it may not be the loving hands of Nonna doing the kneading you can rest assured she is being channelled through the sensitive fingers of head chef Beppe Vivacqua and his team. Beppe’s love for all things good combined with an insatiable imagination means the breadbasket at Can Domingo is full of classic goodness such as focaccia barese and homemade grissini as well as unexpected additions such as walnuts, cacao, red peppers, olives and beetroot. The dough is always allowed a long leavening, creating a lighter, easily digestible loaf and the organic, stone-ground flour is imported from a small mill in Piemonte right in the heart of the Barolo. True bread lovers and home bakers will already know of the superiority of Italian flours.

Oh, and the dolce! One of the mysteries of life is that no matter how indulgent you feel after the main meal there is always room for dessert. Cooking in Ibiza provides the opportunity to mix local flavours with traditional dishes. Can Domingo’s Semifreddo is a delightful mouthful of local Ibiza honey with warmed dry figs, apricots, passito wine soup and freshly whipped cream. This year has seen the addition of granita; one flavoured with local watermelon and topped with Sambuca infused whipped cream and another with poppy seed and coffee.

All cream is made fresh from milk sourced locally in Santa Gertrudis and one of the best ways to enjoy it is with the mango pannacotta, a quivering, exotic, morsel of heaven. Obviously, there are times when only chocolate will do and only in the form of a Tanzania Hot Chocolate Melting Cake (yes, it does deserve capital letters) served with a salted caramel fiordilatte ice cream and made with the best quality, 75-percent Tanzanian chocolate, best followed by freshly brewed coffee and infusions with homemade ‘petite patisserie’. Really, the only way to get the most out of Can Domingo’s incredible baked goods and desserts is to eat there multiple times to ensure you get a taste of everything.

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