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Tina Soriano and Lucas Prats, owners of the idyllic boutique hotel Can Lluc in the heart of the San Rafael countryside, welcome guests to the newly opened Can Lluc Restaurant.

From summer 2015, Tina Soriano and Lucas Prats, owners of the idyllic boutique hotel Can Lluc in the heart of the San Rafael countryside, welcome guests to the newly opened Can Lluc Restaurant; a stylish and sophisticated eatery enabling more visitors to experience the true spirit – and tastes – of Ibiza, in a haven of tranquillity. Set on the Can Lluc estate, just outside the tiny village of San Rafael and surrounded by pine forest, almond and olive trees, Can Lluc feels a million miles away from anywhere, without actually being far away at all. Tina Soriano explains, “Can Lluc is a special place; somewhere people breathe deeply, relax, feel at peace, and connect with nature. We wanted more people to experience this, so, two years ago, we started making plans to create a restaurant and event space, which hotel and non-hotel guests alike could experience and enjoy.”

The result is an elegant, and lovingly creating restaurant under the stars, which serves diners the ultimate Ibiza dining experience. A magnetic atmosphere is created with the warmth of maitre d’restaurant Julian and the sights, scents and sounds of the magical setting. Can Lluc is a place to sip cocktails as the sun sets over the campo, and ease into an evening of sumptuous Ibicenco fare. The menu includes an array of grilled meats, fresh seafood and vegetarian dishes, all made with quality, locally sourced, Ibizan ingredients, or homegrown produce such as the Can Lluc figs, almonds and wine. The new cuisine offering at Can Lluc has been heavily shaped by new head chef, Manuel Anton, appointed six months ago. As the godson of the legendary Doña Margarita (a once-famous Ibiza restaurant in the 70s, 80s and 90s), he was born to be a chef, and sent off to the mainland be trained accordingly as a youngster. Following his work at Doña Margarita, Manuel worked at the immensely successful El Naranja, Santa Eulalia and Sa Punta.

Today at Can Lluc restaurant, the Ibiza born and bred Manuel combines his love and knowledge of local cuisine with his global culinary experience. Aligned with Tina and Lucas’s desire to share the best of Ibiza, Manuel has developed a close bond of trust with Can Lluc’s owners, and together they have worked to produce “a new feeling.”  Tina fondly remarks, “Manuel sends me Whatsapps with pictures of the big fish he buys at the market each day. He is always taking care of sourcing the best produce.” The menu is based on traditional Ibicenco cuisine, with some fabulous international twists. Starters include Avocado with Mexican Salsa, where the ripe creamy avocado contrasts perfectly with the heat of chilli salsa, and Can Lluc’s own Gazpacho – a dish no Ibiza menu would be complete without! For mains, there are a selection of paellas to share, including the meaty Ibiza crab and octopus medley, simple meat dishes such as Grilled Sirloin with Mushrooms and Home Grown Vegetables (served crunchy and fresher than fresh) and an array of fish dishes, including the succulent and aromatic, Cod Confit in Vanilla Oil. An intelligently paired wine menu is available, or guests can order to suit their own tastes.

A culture’s food says so much about its personality, at Can Lluc guests can sample dishes grown in Ibiza’s soil, created by its people and in a beautiful Ibiza setting; it’s a cyclical sensory journey of the island through sight, smell, touch, sound and taste. Everything at Can Lluc is about connections, here guests connect with the island and each other through the food, and create beautiful memories.