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At home at Can Squirrel with James Lindley and Danielle Hodhson-Lindley

Fusing traditional Ibicenco style with Brit-esque cool factor, Can Squirrel exudes whimsy, eclecticism and beauty from every last nook and cranny...

Fusing traditional Ibicenco style with Brit-esque cool factor, Can Squirrel exudes whimsy, eclecticism and beauty from every last nook and cranny. Home to husband and wife James Lindley and Danielle Hodgson-Lindley, the project was a true labour of love for the two, who said goodbye to the UK in favour of the white isle’s warmer climes in 2006. Having located the property in 2012 – a run-down, dilapidated old finca in desperate need of love – the duo dedicated an entire month, working day and night, to personally transform it into a livable space. “Originally there was no kitchen to speak of, there was no running water, no flooring and one very ugly bright blue bathroom,” explains James. “Absolutely everything had to be given an overhaul.” “We’d always wanted a place like this in the north of the island,” continues Danielle. “We could see the potential and knew it would be worth our while to commit to the renovations.” Digging, fitting, heavy lifting, cement rendering, painting and decorating became a full-time job – a far cry from their regular gigs as mobile bar mangers and a high-end event stylist – with James even becoming a carpenter at one point, lovingly carving the statement wooden kitchen table with his own bare hands. Once the structural renovations – including an entire new kitchen, bathroom, fireplace and flooring – were complete, and new furnishings in place, it was time for Danielle to apply her professional skills to Can Squirrel. With a philosophy that the small things really do matter, the experienced stylist honed in on getting everything right, although she says it was quite a sporadic process. “I didn’t set out on any one day to decorate a certain room,” she explains. “The right things just present themselves at the right time.”

The perfect blend of family heirlooms, vintage store or market finds, eclectic Chinese store bargains (though you’d never be able to guess what!) and classic investment pieces, Can Squirrel is a testament to Danielle’s natural styling prowess (“She lives and breathes it,’ remarks James). “Sometimes I can get a bit carried away,” Danielle admits, though with each and every item perfectly placed throughout the house, it’s not something the naked eye can see. Adjacent to the main house are a row of former pigpens, transformed into store rooms for the couple’s respective businesses – The Bar Ibiza mobile bar service and Velvet Circus event styling. Occupational hazards, as you may expect, are G&Ts made fresh to order (with rosemary from the garden) and certain decorative pieces ‘borrowed’ for off-season use within the house. Life could be worse… As with all perfectionists, it seems Danielle’s work is not yet done. Plans for 2015 include a rooftop chillout areas, converting an onsite well into a beautiful plunge pool and decorating the master bedroom in the style of a British study, complete with racing green walls and plenty of taxidermy to join the existing pair of frisky squirrels – a gift from Danielle’s mother and her boyfriend Peeter that have become the house mascot. “I think want a fox with a pipe next,” muses Danielle. “Or with a little cape and a monocle.” Where there’s a will… Photography by Ana Lui For more information on The Bar Ibiza contact [email protected] and for Velvet Circus contact [email protected]