Ibiza wellness: Exclusive 30% discount offer – Personal training sessions with Sandra Albuschat

Christmas is around the corner and in-demand Ibiza personal trainer Sandra Albuschat is offering White Ibiza readers an exclusive 30-percent discount off her personal training programmes when purchased before December 31, 2017. Whether you’re looking for a health and fitness inspired gift for someone special in your life or if you’re preparing to fight the annual arrival of extra kilos that festive feasting brings, it’s extra incentive to become one of the many satisfied clients who have transformed their body shape under Sandra’s expert guidance.

“It’s normal that people eat a little too much at Christmas time,” says Sandra, who completely understands the realities of modern day life and doesn’t expect her clients to be saints! “I call it the Christmas tummy – it’s around two or three kilos more than usual and as soon as it shows, people want to lose the weight. Of course, it is possible to be healthy at Christmas time but the reality is, every year, people come to me to fight the Christmas tummy battle.” It’s this idea of ‘needing to lose weight’ however, that Sandra would like to contest with her clients – she’d rather encourage a healthy attitude towards changing your body shape and developing strength as opposed to yo-yo dieting or extreme training regimes.

“I think it’s important for people to know the difference between losing weight and changing their body composition,” says Sandra, who has over 27 years’ experience with personal training and remains at the top of her game. “Everyone comes with the idea that they want to lose weight, but you need to know that with personal training you will lose fat and gain muscle.” And that’s a good thing. Sandra’s unique weight loss programme is designed to help you build lean muscle while reducing fat, transforming the way your body looks. The fact is, muscle weighs more than fat, so while you may not see such a big weight loss on the scales, when you look in the mirror you’ll see a leaner, more toned physique. Training to change your body is a long-term process and is as much about feeling good as looking good. “Beauty comes from the inside regardless of weight,” says Sandra. “The self-esteem and confidence you gain from good health shines through.”

While crash diets are tempting for many women straight after Christmas, Sandra is quick to explain they can ultimately lead to muscle loss and slow down your metabolism – the polar opposite of the results you’re seeking. Though you may drop a few kilos (and muscle) in the short term, in most cases they quickly return when you revert to normal eating patterns. A tailored training programme like Sandra’s – combining endurance training, muscle strengthening and paired with invaluable nutrition management – ensures your body continues to burn calories all day long, thus increasing your metabolism. “The more muscle you have, the greater your need for energy,” she explains. “This means you burn even more calories after you’ve exercised.”

Sandra’s training style is motivational, inspirational and fun – there’s no barking orders like a boot camp sergeant; rather it’s an empowering session filled with positive vibes and upbeat energy. She inspires by example, giving her clients constructive and helpful advice and truly listening to her clients in order to understand their needs. With many of her clients being women (though men are also encouraged to train), over time Sandra has become a specialist in the female form. Working on the basis that every body and metabolism is different, she develops training plans tailored to suit your shape, style, age and fitness level.

One of Sandra’s most popular exercises is a unique tummy taming technique which works to flatten the stomach while contouring the waist to help develop a feminine silhouette. Whether it’s the dreaded Christmas kilos or a stubborn post-baby bulge, she understands the way a woman’s body responds to training and can help you get back into shape quickly. Other problem areas that can be focused on include the upper arms, inner thighs and butt – all targeted with a variety of training techniques designed to burn fat, tone and tighten the areas.

Personal training sessions with Sandra can take place in your home, holiday villa, on one of Ibiza’s many beautiful beaches or in the spectacular countryside. On day one, Sandra begins with an analysis of your fitness levels, strength, flexibility, medical history, dietary habits and posture in order to start planning your bespoke training plan immediately – no time like the present! She encourages her clients to take before and after pictures and especially videos, in order to see a difference not only in form but in flexibility. Generally, sessions are between one hour and 90 minutes, depending on your availability and budget, with a 60-minute session starting at 100€ (that means it’s just 70€ with Sandra’s White Ibiza reader offer).

In addition to the physical work it’s also about what you put into your body and Sandra extends her training services to include nutritional advice for every client. She encourages them to write food diaries (including every last drop of soda, glass of wine, piece of fruit, coffee or bite of a sandwich) in order to provide a personal analysis – the more honest you are with Sandra, the more help she can give in order to contribute to creating a healthy lifestyle for you. Always on hand to answer any questions from her clients, Sandra’s friendly, supportive and approachable manner has seen her grow her loyal following of clients to include people from all over the world and spanning all age groups.

For those interested in dipping their toe into the world of personal training, a single session purchased at the discounted rate could end up being a life-changing investment. If you already know you’re ready to commit to the cause, taking advantage of this special offer means you can bulk-buy your sessions for the new year now, giving you the inspiration to get started as you mean to go on. Gift vouchers are also available with the special offer and all sessions purchased are valid until April 7, 2018 (inclusive). Sandra is always available to discuss the best options (such as how many sessions are recommended plus the recommended session length) with her clients, and can be reached via email or on +34 647 433 469, plus vouchers and sessions are available to purchase on her website – click here. This exclusive offer expires on December 31, 2017 so be sure to get in quick! The new year, and new you, is just around the corner….

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