Ibiza restaurants: Ebitem Roll at La Dispensa

The selection of sushi on offer at La Dispensa is one-of-a-kind…

Ibiza restaurants: Cod Filet Gratinado at Atzaró Beach

Cod is most definitely Spain’s favourite fish and the way it’s served at Atazró Beach is simply sublime.

Ibiza restaurants: Dek Ice Cream at Il Decanter

Much like everything else at Il Decanter in Ibiza town, desserts are a ‘hands on’ affair.

Ibiza restaurants: Gourmet Hamburger at Restaurant Boutique Hostal Salinas

At Restaurant Boutique Hostal Salinas, they serve up the island’s most incredible, mouth-wateringly delicious burger…

Ibiza restaurants: Grilled Secreto Iberico at TATEL Ibiza

TATEL Ibiza has been one of the fine dining success stories in Ibiza during summer 2017.

Ibiza restaurants: Tiradito of Scallops with Sobrasada at Zela Ibiza

Zela Ibiza is a restaurant that prides itself on the seamless fusion of flavours embodied by Japanese and Mediterranean cooking.

Ibiza restaurants: The Codfather at The Butcher

There are few lengths that residents of the UK wouldn’t go to for a hearty portion of quality fish and chips.

Ibiza restaurants: Ratatouille at The Giri Café

Each and every ingredient within this vegetarian dish is grown onsite.