Ibiza restaurants: La Veranda – A feast for the senses

Summer 2018 sees the iconic venue promising to weave together a magical gastronomic island experience.

Ibiza restaurants: Babylon Beach – Celebrating life

The Babylon Beach ethos is to provide a space where diners can feel right at home. It’s the perfect place to celebrate.

Ibiza restaurants: La Gaia – Five-star perfection

The best way of discovering all the delights of the inspired Japeruvian cuisine at La Gaia is by diving into the tasting menu.

Ibiza restaurants: Top Ibiza breakfast spots – Room 39 at Pikes

Those starting the day at Pikes Ibiza are able to stock up on sustenance in the form of one of the best breakfasts on the island.

Ibiza restaurants: The Giri Residence – Now available for private dining experiences

The Giri Residence Dinner Pass is centred around a customised private dining experience…

Ibiza restaurants: Passion Magazine – Hot off the press!

Just like the string of Ibiza cafes and restaurants after which it is named, Passion Magazine has grown up in 2018.

Ibiza restaurants: Elements Ibiza – Sunday rituals

Carefree excellence is the Elements Ibiza vibe and it’s ready and waiting every Sunday.

Ibiza restaurants: Las Dos Lunas – Food for the soul

Consistently delivering dishes rooted in its hearty Italian heritage, Las Dos Lunas, is a restaurant now in its fourth decade with no signs of stopping.