Ibiza wellness: 8-day Pilates, Yoga and SUP Yoga Retreat

A week long experience incorporating daily Pilates, yoga, SUP and BarreConcept sessions.

Ibiza wellness: 4-day Sailing and Yoga Retreat

Whoever said an Ibiza retreat needed to be on dry land?

Ibiza wellness: 6-day Clean Eating, Holistic Fitness & Rejuvenating Yoga Retreat

Designed to get your mind, body and soul in a conscious, present and loving state.

Ibiza wellness: 5-day Cotton Fitness & Yoga Retreat

The all-new retreat encouraging participants to eat, train and love (life!).

Ibiza wellness: 8-day The Art of Healing Retreat

An all-encompassing retreat in which the mind, body, heart and soul are treated simultaneously.

Ibiza wellness: 7-day Private Life Changing Yoga Retreat

A rare opportunity to spend quality one to one time with an experienced author, Reiki teacher and transformational coach.

Ibiza wellness: 6-day Get Glowing Yoga Retreat

Get your glow back in body, mind, and spirit.

Ibiza wellness: 85-hour Pre & Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training

A valuable tool that enables you to make a difference in the lives of expectant and new mothers.