Chapter 3: Sharing and caring

Photography by Gypsy Westwood

Time for a working dinner with the White-ettes at the beautiful garden restaurant of Aura in San Llorenzo. Natalie and I had actually been here earlier in the day for a business meeting, and I gasped with surprise as we entered the terrace, twinkling with fairy lights and buzzing with atmosphere – by day, it looked like nothing but a concrete space with stacked up furniture. Now I see what the fuss is all about – and I can understand why Kylie Minogue made a point of dining and dancing at Aura when she was in town last week.

The concept of Aura is that it serves little dishes, kind of like modern tapas, designed to share. The White-ettes fancy sharing, especially when there’s a good wine involved – waiter! And before that, the cocktails: J’adore, j’adore. We couldn’t get enough of them.

After dinner, it was down to business. We did an interview with Nightmares on Wax main man, George Evelyn, who holds the Tuesday night residency at Aura, for our new music interviews section. After listening to his inspiring story, we did a little Cinderella-style dance… just until till midnight. Not because our dresses would turn into rags and our transport into a pumpkin, but because it was one of the White-ettes’ birthdays and there were more places to go and more people to see. And more cocktails of course!

Earth to the new White-ette, reality check, back to the real world. I have to hurry and post this blog because duty calls – we have a meeting to get to and my research for the beach section is still not yet complete. They say work is a great way to ‘earth’ but how can I earth while I am on this magnificent island and surrounded by so many creative minds? How can I ‘earth’ if I am actually doing what I dream to do? It’s more like flying, sky high…

With love from behind the scenes xx

AURA opening party, 29/05/10

Photography by Gypsy Westwood