Chapter 4: Ibiza mornings

Breakfast at El Chiringuito

Dear Ibiza Morning, you’re still not my friend. Especially not after a long night out with DJ Fedde le Grand. Shame on you Fedde! You made me dance all night long. A little secret straight from Fedde’s lips: he now has more freedom to play exactly the style of music he prefers to play in Space. His talent and energy blew me away last night – and I wish I could channel that energy this morning.

The White-ettes needed to leave their beloved beds very early this morning. ‘I don’t do mornings,’ said the cranky little voice in my head as my alarm went off, thoroughly confusing me until I realised we had a very good reason to wake-up early. Today is the day we’re doing a photo shoot at El Chiringuito at Es Cavallet, of the food, the chef, the resident DJ and the managers. Sneaky confession: the other day I had the best hangover recovery breakfast here, and I can only hope I get time to indulge again today.

My mouth is watering as the beautifully prepared plates of food are set up for the shot – and then satisfied once the pics have been taken, because we were allowed to eat it all! Luxurious breakfast with Champagne, Illy coffee and a bite of every dish! My special thanks goes out to the gifted chef, Eric Fontanini. You can wake me up with your food any time you’d like to. Dear morning, it seems I was wrong about you – you definitely are my friend today.

Another morning that transforms from enemy to friend is Friday – Yoga day. I had been completely new to the Yoga experience and very excited – one of the newest additions to the website is a wellness calendar featuring a timetable all of the island’s best Yoga classes, so in the name of research, I had to take the plunge.

Sooner rather than later I realised it wasn’t effortless. In fact, it’s quite intense but the feeling Yoga gives me afterwards is amazing, I feel as though I am flying back home, feeling so naturally high. I feel completely Zen and even ready to embrace the morning.

With love from behind the scenes xx