Chapter 5: The glittering and the unsophisticated

Photography by Annie Peel

We follow all the trends and tweets about Ibiza on Twitter, starting with the glamorous side Ibiza offers her visitors – direct gossip from the likes of Paris Hilton, who hosted the VIP of Supermarxte at Privilege last weekend. ‘Last night was legendary’, she tweeted the following morning, confirming what I already knew! Meanwhile, White’s Miss W was tweeting about her celeb-sighting: Jude Law and Sienna Miller at Aura, while another Ibiza fan tweeted that Shakira had been spotted at Cream. Keep the gossip coming!

Today the White-ettes have been invited to lunch at Aguas Blancas. Confession: the fabulous food, flawless service and laidback atmosphere (combined with watching the wild waves) made the White-ettes feel like they were on holiday. We wish! In fact, we were there to catch up with the establishment’s entrepreneur Justin Mallett, to see how his summer was progressing and how we can work together to spread the word about his fine fare. During the summer our clients are so busy, so we visit them – and when they have such picture perfect locations, can you blame us for loving our jobs?

Afterwards I had a few hours off and my own mission to accomplish. The new White-ette sets out on her own, trying to release her inner hippy through a visit to the infamous Las Dalias hippy market. This market really seems to reflect the Ibiza of old, with some of the island’s original hippies still selling clothing and art amongst the social atmosphere of live music and bars. It’s different to the high-end fashion clientele on our website, but every bit as fascinating.

pacha car

Money well spent (confession: I like to wear my money!) and conscious of an impending meeting with White’s wellbeing editor Larah Davis, to organise yoga photo shoots for our new calendar of events, I set off on the journey home. Without my own transport, and upon discovery that the next bus would be over 40 minutes away (while I withered in the burning sun) I was wishing my internship came complete with a 24/7 driver from one of the concierge services on White! One day, one day…

While people around me tell me I’ll need to hitchhike, I am wary. Instead, I met the cutest Parisian couple and we shared a taxi to a nearby village, where it was easier to find my way home. Three hours after my journey commenced (yes, three!) I arrive at White Studio – just in time.

While reflecting about the launch of our wellness calendar we snacked on healthy salads and quinoa. How can some days be so glittering and others so unsophisticated? I promise myself – with a wink – I will never go anywhere without the car (or a driver!) again.

From behind the scenes with love xx