Chapter 7: A never-ending story


Wednesday is the White-Escapes newsletter day – always quite the adventure. So much work to be done in order to uncover every cool new event or party, plus new articles, blogs, podcasts and interviews to publish. Every week the question, ‘Will we make it?’ occurs. As always, we made it and that accomplishment feels so good, it gives you the energy boost you need!

For those who live here, work in Ibiza never ends during August, not even while going out to dance the night away. White’s Miss W sent me on a mission to spy on P.Diddy in Pacha, when he was playing with Erick Morillo.  I have never ever, EVER experienced so many people in Pacha – it was crazy! Moving from one side to another was like a boot camp. I caught but a glance of the man in question, but with a full day of research for the beach section ahead, I made my escape from the jungle early-ish (if you call 5am early!) But not without a quick pit stop at the unhurried but wild Space, where Dutch DJ Secret Cinema shared his love of music with the thrilled dance floor.

Cala Nova, Ibiza Beach

Morning: Me, the car, my music, my map, my pen and paper on the road. Visiting several beaches, making notes while enjoying the sun and sometimes even a refreshing dive into one of the beautiful seas that surround Ibiza. Sounds like the perfect day after a wild night out. It was, until I got lost in the middle of nowhere. The thing is, you can easily get lost in these areas, which is no problem if you have network coverage on your phone! On this day, I did not, so I had to make friends with my intuition and follow her. Lucky me, she lead me to a service station, where they helped me on my way!

After this adventure it was off to Blue Marlin, where we celebrated the end of yet another successful newsletter day. Afterwards, we went to Ushuaia, for the new ‘Never Say Never’ beach party with Sasha. I love Ibiza and I love my job. Could it get any better than this?

From behind the scenes with love xx

Goldfish at Blue Marlin Beach Club: 22/07/10