Chapter 9: Ibiza is my office


Lucky me: Ibiza is my office. Not a lot of people can say they have such a magical place to work in as I do, not to mention the amazing views from my ‘office’ windows! Me, my computer, my phone and my camera, all I need is my own mobile office without walls. Due to the amount of meetings we have at a variety of so many different places with our clients, the new White-ette never knows where she might end up working on any given day!

The White-ettes are always on the run from meeting to meeting, from interview to interview and party to party and so on. For me, it’s essential to be able to work from anywhere, as we are always flying over the island in a flurry of all of the above. At this moment, I am writing my blog in bed with a fresh juice, the perfect beginning to the day (sure beats getting up at 6am to beat peak hour traffic). For now, I have absolutely no idea where I will be spending the rest of the day. We are very flexible with clients so most of our days never really go as planned, but we don’t mind.

For example, the second day of the sad, sad story of the Benirras fires. One of the most popular and beautiful treasures of Ibiza was covered in flames for almost days, during which time we had a meeting scheduled with Natasha Collis in San Miguel. As we were driving to her, it was as though we were driving into a volcano, and in the end, the smoke was so thick we just could not reach her. The meeting had to be rescheduled and we went back to work on other things – while hundreds of locals were busy saving their properties, belongings, families, pets, businesses and more. We are now looking for ways to help those affected by the tragedy.

On a lighter note, my favorite place to work is on a lounge bed at a calm beach. Nothing is more refreshing than working outside while listening to the sound of the waves and feeling the breeze through your hair. If only they could invent a sunlight proof computer! I spend a lot of energy squinting my eyes, only just seeing what I am actually writing. Perhaps the downside of my amazing mobile office is that it is causing me wrinkles!

For me, the most dangerous place we work is La Cava, on Vara De Rey in Ibiza Town where we have a lot of meetings, due to the fact it has quite possibly fastest internet connection on the island! Perfectly located, you do not have to make your cortado (small coffee in Spanish) yourself, but the danger comes when I have 20 minutes to spare. I love to walk through the town. I promise myself every time that I won’t buy anything but I always come back to La Cava with some form of shopping bag.

Well, what’s a girl to do when reVOLVER, IBZCODE and Arizona are just around the corner?

With love from behind the scenes xx