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“If I had to do a really quick calculation,” says Joris Voorn, his mind ticking over with numbers, flights and gigs of days gone by. “I think I’ve probably been to Ibiza more than 60 times. This year alone I have around 18 more visits planned.” As a young techno lover in Amsterdam, Ibiza had never been on his radar, with Joris associating the white isle with an ostentatious party culture – plus, there were no direct flights back then. He was first invited to DJ at Space alongside Chris Liebing in 2006, and the island both met and exceeded his expectations at the same time. “I saw everything I’d seen in magazines,” he laughs at the memory. “But I also saw there was a really amazing atmosphere and that people here were really into the music.”

Fast forward 10 years and Joris feels more connected to the island than ever, having performed in almost every club and held residencies here every year since that first fateful experience. In 2017, he is one of the top headliners for the new In the Dark concept on Thursday nights at Hï Ibiza. “The residency came about because I’d been playing at Ushuaia Ibiza for years, for ANTS and my La Familiar residency,” Joris says. “I knew the group well and they really are a pleasure to work with. So, when they opened the new club this year and asked me to be part of it, of course I said yes.” With ten years of Ibiza experience under his belt and direct flights from Amsterdam meaning he can spend more time here than ever, Joris Voorn could be considered a part-time Ibiza local!

Does Ibiza feel like work or holiday to you?
It goes both ways. As much as I love the island, it is also work for me. I can never get off the plane and be like, ‘I’ve arrived! I can relax!’ Because that’s just not the way it is. I’ve always got it in my mind that I need to prepare for the night ahead. People who come to Ibiza really know their music, and I have so much music that I have to sit down and go through everything new. When that’s done, then I can take it easy, see who’s around, maybe go for a nice dinner…

Any recommendations for dinner?
The Fish Shack at the end of Talamanca is so hard to beat. What I like about it is that it’s so low-key and friendly, the owner is such a nice guy and the food is amazing. It has an amazing view and is beautiful at sunset – it was such a long time ago when I first heard of it, back in 2009 when someone told me it was a local’s secret.

The tranquil surrounds of Ibiza’s most loved northern cafe La Paloma

What’s your favourite place for lunch?
It’s one that is often mentioned, but La Paloma. It’s super nice. To be honest, I’m not focused on finding cool new places when I am here, I just like to take it easy and go places I know will be great like this.

Where do you generally eat breakfast?
I’m not going to lie. The airport! It’s not always by choice. Usually I try and fly out of Ibiza early in the mornings and before I leave the hotel, I would just rather get as much sleep as I can. The airport has gotten so much better over the years and they do make a good coffee and croissants. That’s all I need. Ibiza Gran Hotel also has a really nice breakfast too, it’s another place I’ve been to many times over the years.

Sunset views from the furthest end of Talamanca bay where the iconic ‘Fish Shack’ is located

Where would you go if you had the chance to get out from the booth and dance?
I don’t really go out to dance so much – usually I just fly into Ibiza for the night. But if a friend is playing somewhere, I’ll go wherever they are! The Amnesia Ibiza terrace is a nice place to go though I don’t get there often, and I love Ushuaia Ibiza as well. It’s an amazing venue.

Best DJ booth on the island for you?
I feel most comfortable at the main stage of Ushuaia Ibiza. I’m really happy there – after so many years, I know all the sound guys, the lighting guys and I just know what to play. Everything feels so natural to me there.

Perhaps the island’s most famous buffet breakfast at Ibiza Gran Hotel

What have your impressions of Hi Ibiza been so far?
First of all, it’s very different to Space, which I guess is a good thing. They wanted to start from scratch and they’ve adapted the whole club to suit these new times – I think they’ve done really well. It literally sounds massive in there! At the moment, I’m playing 50/50 in the club (I keep calling it the terrace!) and the main room and I really like both rooms. The main room is more hands-in-the-air and the terrace (club!) is more intimate and really uplifting. It’s a great balance.

What’s your ultimate Ibiza track?
This will sound a little bit like shameless self-promotion, but it’s probably my Beachball remix from 2010. The original track was before my time, and it was an Ibiza anthem back in the day so being able to remix that was very nice for me. That summer in Ibiza, I played it so much and even now I still pull it out of the bag sometimes. It’s a very special track for me.

The laidback bay of Talamanca

Do you have a favourite beach in Ibiza?
I’m not the biggest beach person, so I don’t always go when I’m in Ibiza but I like Talamanca. It’s nice and easy – I’ve stayed at OD Ocean Drive so many times and it’s just around the corner.

Where do you go when you want to escape it all?
I like to drive up to the north of the island to relax. There’s a special little secret beach (and I’m not going to share the name!) that’s really nice and quiet. You can find some amazing places in the hills too.

What do you do in Ibiza for relaxation?
I really like to go to a sauna and steam room to relax – even when it’s really hot outside! The one at Open Spa at Ibiza Gran Hotel is a great place to get away from everything. It’s really quiet, there are lots of different baths you can go in and it’s such a relaxing experience.

Best Ibiza memory?
There are so many good memories, music and non-music related, but two years ago, my family and I stayed with Kölsch and his girlfriend. We rented a nice villa in the hills near San Antonio and it was the most relaxing Ibiza experience I’ve ever had. Two weeks of actually being on holiday, not hearing any beats or music whatsoever, just enjoying the beautiful weather and the nice September time. All in all, that was really quite special to me.


An escapist’s haven: Open Spa


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