Mantras, Music & Mandala – a day at the Zoo!

Contrary to many seasonal reports, not all Ibiza clubs are bottle service, velvet ropes and squashed VIP sections. In the heart of the centre of the island, a bubbling underground movement to return to authentic Ibiza daytime party roots has been manifesting for quite some time.

The Zoo Project’s Mandala Garden is situated in the middle of the festival-style venue, and occupies an ampitheatre style bull ring with a difference. On the floor in the centre of the arena is an elaborate hand drawn Mandala. Created by and featuring detailed elements referring to each individual member of the extended Zoo Project family, their mandala symbolises the coming together of an international collective with the shared goal of hedonism, joy and release through music and dance.

Whilst all across the vast 4,000m2 site and in each of the four other stages of sound, revellers can enjoy a mixture of disco, electronic music or serious underground techno, the Mandala Garden dances to a more spiritual and often acoustic beat. From Indian sitars, to drumming choruses, a mixture of local and global renowned artists pop up each week amongst live entertainment, group chants or even interactive meditation circles.

This week (on July 18, 2015) features an eagerly awaited live act – Mantrica – from Goa in India, who combine the Hang (also known as the Hang drum) and guitars with Kundalini mantric harmonies. Viriam Kaur, Adam Devine and James Winstanley experiment with the Sanskrit language, as well as traditional Kundalini and Sikh mantras, and using Adam Devine’s rock and folk background, and Viriam’s long experience as a yoga teacher and chanter, they create stunning meditative journeys to uplift the soul.

From its humble origins over three years ago as a chill-out area, the Mandala Garden, with its upcycled sofas and pallet Shanti-town style, has now become the destination of choice for many inside the larger Zoo Project events: with a fresh sushi and juice stand, an organic Vegan pop-up, and the gorgeous little homemade ‘Caravan of Crepes’ for those with a sweet tooth, there is plenty to delight. The Tarot teepee has a constant stream of visitors, and the massage therapists are never without a thankful customer on one of their beds. Conscious clubbing has found a real home in Ibiza, and it is growing ever more popular. For those who enjoy a great night out, but also quite like a great night’s sleep – the daytime party is perfectly suited and the Zoo Project really has plenty to offer.

Elsewhere in the Zoo this week, island stalwarts and underground hero in his own right, David Philips is joined by his assorted DJ crew as LoCura Lounge hosts the intimate and spiritually Balearic Living Room, whilst over on the Treehouse and Seal Pit, Londoners Dense&Pika and Paris’s Rex Club resident superwoman Molly respectively hold their own amongst the woods of Benimussa. Attendees start arriving from 5pm, armed with swimwear for a refreshing dip in the pool, or to kick back in the ‘Lazy Bones’ hammock zone whilst the party warms up. The BBQ area takes care of the hunger as the day progresses, and by the time the sunset sweeps the venue with a hazy golden glow the Treehouse, Seal Pit, Living Room and Mandala Garden are all comfortably cosy with smiling faces. Closing at midnight becomes the perfect end to a long and packed day, and we can still fit in our beauty sleep before the beach on Sunday. Pure Ibiza Magic.