Talk Shop: The Mike & Claire Manumission Show

After rumours of leaving the island, writers, directors and notorious party hosts, Mike and Claire Manumission, have spread their creative wings to ride high on the Ibiza airwaves, at Ibiza White FM. Tune in to 103.7fm here in Ibiza or log onto to hear their dulcet tones – read: super sexy radio voices –every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from midnight to 2am. Expect Manumission mayhem with muse and model Polly Fey, plus special guests, for fun and frolics in the Ibiza White FM studio located at the back of Tantra Ibiza in Playa d’en Bossa.

For anyone too young (or too fuzzy-memoried) to recall, Mike McKay and Claire Davies (along with Mike’s brother Andy and partner Dawn Hindle, who went on to create Ibiza Rocks) came to the island in 1994, looking for a new home to embrace their infamous Manchester party, Manumission. Fusing the bizarre and the beautiful in a multi-dimensional, multisensory, cinematographically stunning, orgiastic circus of sex, theatre, dancing and delight, Manumission became the island’s most talked-about party for almost 15 years – with 10,000 clubbers turning up every Monday night at its peak. Meaning, ‘escape from slavery’, everyone who entered their surreal hedonistic world never wanted to leave!

Like all good things in Ibiza, the new radio show came into fruition with a mixture of chance, luck, and a little bit of magic. In April last year, after a memorable lament on Facebook, Claire and Mike had decided they were leaving the Island. Claire posted fondly of a time on the island before paps (and facebook), where celebs drove old bangers down the beach, and it might have been possible to catch Anthony Hopkins sunbathing (naked, depending on the weather). Putting their 400-year old farmhouse and finca up for sale, Mike and Claire were ready to leave, but when White FM resident and friend, DJ Q, came to view the property, he refused to leave until they agreed to stay and take over his slot on the show… and a new era was born.

Each show is full to the brim with true Ibiza spirit and Mike and Claire’s natural warmth, making it perfect for easy listening or getting in the party mood. Playing an eclectic mix from pioneers of electronic music Kraftwerk, to Detroit legend Derrick May and modern music geniuses like Matthew Herbet, interspersed with a few classics from The Doors and the sultry sounds of Gil Scott Heron, the show is held together by a personal and emotional thread.

Special guests (Mike and Claire have friends everywhere) pop in throughout the night: last night the very hot Hyte girls were squeezing into the studio for a cheeky chat; last week Bob Sinclair was accompanied by a troupe of ‘very naughty’ drag queens, (saying things into the microphone which are far too explicit to type); and Norman Cook (aka Fatboy Slim) and Zoe Ball are rumoured to be appearing soon. Expect the unexpected as Mike and Claire talk to everyone, about everything, from techno heavyweight Chris Liebing’s new track, to spirituality and illegal mediation with Jimmy Edgar!

For those who want an insider secret, this is only the start of the Manumission airwave take-over, as Mike and Claire divulge information on the hotly anticipated Manumission the Movie – the script is still in LA and it’s due to be produced by Chris Hanley of American Psycho fame. Until then, it’s time to get lost in Ibiza, and discover the island’s many hidden secrets. Because they are still out there – you just have to try a little harder to find them.

Over and out.