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Come together

Together and Me is an exclusive retreat for mature singles looking to form real-life connections with a like-minded tribe.

After 18 months spent distancing, during a time where relationships begin and exist in the virtual world, on an island where freedom is celebrated, Together and Me is an exclusive four-day Ibiza retreat designed for cosmopolitan, mature singles (45+) looking to find real-life connections – and quite possibly true love – in the new world.

Portrait photo: Maria Simon

Life as we know it is returning to a semblance of normal as we reunite with friends and family in real-time all over the world. Despite this newfound freedom however, there’s still one type of connection that’s stuck in the virtual world – dating. Sure, dating apps were fine prior to the pandemic. Instead of getting dressed up and hitting the town after a long day at work, swiping left and right on your phone from the sofa certainly had its appeal. But after more than a year on the same sofa, without bars, without clubs, without events – without forging any new deep and meaningful connections – where do you even start looking for love in the new world? Ibiza, of course, where Together and Me is set to launch an all-new Ibiza retreat for mature singles in October 2021.

First things first, to set the record straight. Together and Me is no Love Island scenario. There’s no bachelor, no roses, no match making, no speed dating, no marriage at first sight. The four-day event – taking place from October 11 to 14, 2021 in a stunning private boutique Ibiza villa – is a very exclusive and discreet retreat that brings together a hand-picked group of single people (aged 45+ and gender-balanced) for an immersive experience that’s all about connecting, coaching and relaxing in a safe space. The interview-based admissions process ensures all guests are of a similar mindset and interested in networking, developing new friendships and making connections while on the retreat, and if any of them just so happen to feel the spark of authentic attraction and develop a relationship after they’ve checked out? Well, that’s just a blissful and beautiful bonus.

Developed in early 2020 by Sabina Rusconi [pictured] and Milena Piccoli, the Together and Me concept is unlike any other retreat in Ibiza – perhaps even the world. Much love, passion and research has gone into the creation of the brand, from scouring the globe for a team of bi-lingual coaches, fitness and wellness experts to work with and finding an idyllic and inspiring location that would set the scene for relaxation, fun and connection alike. While the concept was initially put on hold due to the global health crisis, fast forward to 2021 as the brand prepares its maiden retreat on the white isle and it’s clear that authentic human connection is needed now more than ever. Loneliness, isolation, separation, disconnection and distance have taken their toll – now is the time to reboot (so to speak!), get off those online apps and return to reality.

Reality, in the case of Together and Me, really resembles nothing short of paradise. A spectacular private boutique villa, nestled into a mountainside with breathtaking sea, campo and sunset views, becomes your home away from home for four days, with plenty of space for me-time and privacy when you need it and stunning communal areas for socialising when the time is right. Fusing traditional Ibicencan style with a luxurious Balinese aesthetic, bedrooms are spacious and filled with character and the tropical gardens and heavenly poolside chillout areas are like a holiday dream. It’s the kind of place you can check into and never want to leave – when you’re staying somewhere as magical as this villa, the sights and delights of Ibiza can wait (until you’ve completed the retreat, at least!).

Once you’ve settled in, the immersive holistic body, mind, heart and wellness program begins, nurturing the senses and igniting the soul. Many of the activities on the Together and Me retreat relate to self-work and discovering who you really are, what you’re really seeking and who you’d really like by your side – participants are making as much of a commitment to themselves as they are to making new connections. You’ll ease into the week by getting to know your new ‘tribe’, through interactive workshops, sundowner cocktails and dinner beneath the Balearic stars. There’s plenty of free time allocated should you feel like breaking away from the group, taking a swim, a siesta, a walk, a massage, using the spa and gym, or finding a cosy corner to get to know someone a little better.

Over the course of the next few days, you’ll become more comfortable amongst the group through group coaching, fun workshops (not boring lectures!), yoga and meditation, fitness training, shared meals (catered by a high-end professional private chef), wine tasting, creative pursuits, pampering, parties and much, much more. As your authentic self begins to shine, you’ll find relaxation and conversation comes much more easily among the group. Open and honest communication is key to developing long-lasting connections, whether it’s with a new friend or a potential partner, and the Together and Me team are experts at subtly guiding you through the experience at your own pace, without ever feeling overwhelmed or pressured.

Working with an ethos of the individual is as important as the group as a whole, Together and Me retreat applicants are invited to fill in a series of questions via the website (or enquire via WhatsApp: +34 652 395 466) to ensure their compatibility with the program, followed by a free introductory interview call. It’s here that the over 45 age bracket comes into play. Whether it’s where you were when major world events occurred, what television shows you watched as a kid, what music influenced your formative years – understanding each other on a pop-cultural level plays a major part in the retreat experience. Most participants will have been dating for decades; some may be divorced, or recently single, others have children, careers, travel commitments – however the common thread is that most are tired of the online dating world and want to focus on finding a connection or a companion with whom they share real-life points of reference with on the same continent.

Together and Me clients are cosmopolitan, well-travelled and not afraid to be honest with themselves about their desire for deep, lasting connection, and only ten participants will be selected for the Ibiza retreat. Whether you walk away from the Ibiza retreat with a dazzling diamond on your finger, the hint of a potential love interest, or a handful of new best friends, you’ll walk away satisfied, knowing you’ve done the work and invested in your own wellbeing. Following the debut Together and Me retreat in Ibiza from October 11 to October 14, 2021 is another Spanish getaway, this time in the renowned Sotogrande resort in Marbella from October 25 to 28, 2021. Future plans include bringing singles over 45 together in Tulum, Portugal and Morocco among other glamorous destinations, returning to Ibiza once again in the spring. Say goodbye to loneliness, hello to happiness and hallelujah to Together and Me.