Family friendly holidays in Ibiza

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Say the word ‘Ibiza’ in association with your holidays and the general response is a knowing wink, indicating inner thoughts of long, hedonistic nights, debaucherous days, dancing ‘til dawn and a whole lot of other unmentionable elements we won’t go into right now.

But we know better than that, right?

Ibiza has long been a haven for families looking for the perfect Mediterranean escape – long before the 18-30 phenomenon hit, prior to the birth of the Balearic music movement and while today’s podium princesses were nothing but a twinkle in their daddies’ eyes!

You just have to know where to look – follow our foolproof guide to holidaying in Ibiza with your family and get ready for your best summer ever. You can thank us later – when your kids thank you, as they’re turning 16 and telling their mates just how cool their parents ‘used to be’…

1. All the best beach bars have a crèche!

While entertaining the little ones all day long on the beach certainly has its family bonding merits, sometimes mum and dad need a little escape too! Over the years, as Ibiza’s most successful business owners grew up (just a little!) and started families of their own, they began to recognise the need for an escape on the beach, a return to the quiet oasis they once knew… and thus, the phenomenon of the beach bar crèche was born! Check the Kids Calendar for full details, but our favourites include Pura Vida Kids Corner on Sundays, Sundays with Kids at Sa Punta and Little Chiringuito at Es Cavallet.

2. It’s easy to create a home-away-from-home.
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Putting a family of four (or more) up in a hotel can be expensive… not to mention slightly difficult when trying to arrange adjoining rooms in peak season. Which is one of the many reasons why, over the past few years, the luxury villa rental market has really taken off. Each offspring can have their own bedroom (and you get your own privacy when you need it!), you can leave your belongings strewn all over the house and garden just like you would at home without fear of losing it by the pool or being thrown away by the maid by mistake! And best of all, the cost of a villa or apartment, when averaged out per room and per day, can often equal far less than your hotel bill – as does stocking your fridge in the supermarket rather than ordering room service.

3. You’ve got the great outdoors right on your doorstep.

Miles and miles of soft, golden sand to play on, crystal clear (and very importantly) calm water to swim in, lush green forests to explore, parklands with plenty of room to run around and acres and acres of farmland (plus animals) to discover. City living this is not, and your kids will love the opportunity to get at one with nature, whether they’re the type to roll around in the mud playing football, try and dig their way to Formentera through the sand or simply chill out with a book under a tree. Ibiza is all about being outdoors and soaking up the sunshine – for all ages really.

4. There’s more than enough kid’s activities to see you through a week.
In fact, book a holiday for a month and then plan your itinerary based on the White-Escapes Kids Calendar – an up-to-date resource on where to take our kids in Ibiza. Packed with plenty of entertaining activities, ranging from open-air cinema screenings, arts and crafts workshops, music-making courses and the best crèches on the island, to complete summer school programmes and intensive creative workshops. Keep an eye out for our favourite, the mini-foam parties held at super club Amnesia, where DJs are replaced by clowns, dance music with nursery rhymes and the room filled with billions and billions of bubbles. They say the queue to get in to these parties can be as long as any summer night – what can we say? If you want them to understand next time you explain ‘Mummy and Daddy are going to Cocoon’… well, why not start them young?

5. The experts are on hand to do all the hard work for you.
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A holiday should never feel like hard work, but sometimes with the constant questions, demands and requests of your beloved children, you can be forgiven for wishing they were back at school and you were back at your desk! To combat this, why not call in the experts? Ibiza’s very best concierge services can provide long and short-term nannies, highly experienced and recommended, to take over while you hang by the pool. Deliciously Sorted have the island’s best childcare services on speed dial for those special occasions, while Dynamic Lives are an all-encompassing concierge service who specialize in creating custom-designed itineraries for family holidays. All you have to do is turn up and enjoy! Or snap up a Club P lifestyle pass online for the duration of your stay and program their number into your speed dial, and let them assist with planning your perfect Ibiza holiday, whether it’s a pre-planned event or on-the-spot assistance. Because you’re worth it!