Nice day for a White (Ibiza) wedding


Wedding photography by Annie Peel

Ahhh, weddings in Ibiza. Could there be a more spectacular location to begin your life of wedded bliss (or at the very least, be an invited guest to someone else’s)? With miles of beautiful coastline surrounded by the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, lush green rolling hills, gorgeous countryside, breathtaking sunsets, a striking, ancient walled city plus some of the best restaurants, lounge bars, hotels and wedding venues in the world, no matter what your nuptial tastes entail, there’s something for everyone.

Once you’ve decided on the white isle as your wedding destination, it’s time to put your planning prowess into overdrive. Whether it’s a high glamour, celebrity style event, low-key, intimate occasion or an über-cool beach betrothal you’re dreaming of, the perfect Ibiza wedding is at your fingertips… here on White Ibiza!

From sourcing that dream wedding venue – whether an exclusive Ibiza restaurant or spectacular private villa, on a secluded beach or with a stunning backdrop like Es Vedra – to divine catering, picture-perfect photography or creating the ultimate complete wedding package, we’ve got every aspect of your Ibiza wedding covered.

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Find the perfect partner... obviously!

Find the perfect partner
Err, obviously!


Ibiza wedding photography by Gypsy Westwood

Pick your planner
What with language differences, seasonal opening hours, Ibiza’s occasional mañana mañana attitudes, siestas and limited off-season flight schedules, the smartest way to avoid becoming a bride-zilla (or groom-zilla!) when planning a wedding abroad, is to enlist the services of Ibiza’s best wedding planners. With all the right contacts, years of experience and the added benefit of being on the island all-year-round, they’ll ensure every last box is ticked, from helping you pick the perfect date, arranging the flowers, transport, kid’s entertainment, seating arrangements, hair and make-up, décor, lighting, special requests… See what we mean? Plan on a planner!

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Amante - Ibiza wedding venue

Ibiza wedding venue Amante photographed by Ana Lui

Decide on the venue
200 people on a beach? 50 friends and family in a luxury villa? A VIP reception at Pacha? An intimate traditional church service? Amazing wedding venues are plentiful in Ibiza, but we suggest choosing one as soon as possible, so you don’t miss out on your desired date!

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Ibiza Wedding with Atzaro, wedding feature: Amanda & Adrian, 2010

Ibiza wedding photography by Ana Lui

Book your photographer
They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder but at your wedding, beauty is also captured by the camera holder, so you’ll want a photographer who understands and shares your vision for creating memories that last forever. Ibiza’s best wedding photographers are booked months in advance, so select your snapper, pronto!

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The Bar, Ibiza wedding feature

Ibiza wedding photography by Ana Lui

Food for thought
Ibiza’s very best wedding caterers are in high demand, so lock them in now! Planning a menu takes a lot of time (and tasting!) to ensure you love every last morsel, from the canapés and cocktails to the main meal and accompanying tipple, not to mention the highlight of many a wedding, cake and champagne!

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Ibiza wedding photography by Annie Peel

Help plan your guests’ itineraries
‘Whaaaat?’ We hear you shriek! As if you haven’t got enough on your plate already, there’s also the matter of international guests wanting advice on where to stay, what to pack, how to get around, where to eat and other advice on Ibiza. That’s where we come in – when sending out your initial ‘save the date’ email, be sure to include a link to White Ibiza, where guests can book and plan their entire Ibiza holiday online. It’s OK – you can thank us later…

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Ibiza wedding photography by Gypsy Westwood

Hold out for the honeymoon…
In Ibiza, of course!